Is Wyze Subscription Worth It?

Wyze is a renowned name in the home monitoring and security cameras brand market. It offers competitive prices for its cameras and services.

You can enjoy the latest security features with its paid plans, although it has a basic free plan too. Let’s discuss which subscription plan from Wyze is the best and whether it’s worth the money.

What Does Wyze Offer?

If you have seriously considered home security, you must have reviewed Wyze security cameras and its flagship security system.

Wyze offers a comprehensive range of security cameras, monitoring devices, controllers, gadgets, and surveillance software, among other services.

You can purchase security cameras or other products without subscribing to its paid plans too. However, for the best features, you must subscribe to one of its subscription plans.

Here are a few broad categories of products/services on offer by Wyze:

  • Smart Security Cameras
    • Wyze Cam V3, Pan, outdoor V2, etc.
    • Video Doorbells
    • Camera Car model
  • Security Services – Software Plans
  • Health and lifestyle gadgets
    • Smartwatches
    • Voice canceling mics
    • Air buds
  • Power & lighting Items
  • Home Monitoring and automation tools
  • Accessories

Wyze offers a wide range of quality products when it comes to security cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, and other home monitoring tools. Most of its products can be purchased without buying the software package too.

Wyze is renowned for its flagship security software too. It has worked hard to build its AI security surveillance system internally in the last few years. These features come with paid plans though.

What are the Key Features of Wyze Cameras?

Let us briefly discuss some key features of Wyze cameras and home security systems.


Wyze camera products are affordable. The range tops at the highest price of $314 for its V2 camera kit of 4 cameras. You can find an affordable indoor camera for as low as $35.99 for its V3 model on sale.

The company also offers refurbished cameras and accessories at affordable prices.

Video Quality

Most Wyze camera models are equipped with 1080p video recording. For instance, its most famous camera model V3 comes with 1080P, night recording mode, 3600 rotation, and many other features.

Infrared Night Video Recording

Infrared night vision mode makes home monitoring much easier for indoor and outdoor activities.

Wyze cameras come with built-in infrared night video recording mode. It’s an excellent feature that has become a standardized part of all modern security cameras these days.

Two-Way Audio

You can use video doorbells or other cameras as a communication tool with visitors or for monitoring purposes anyway.

This feature from Wyze cameras helps customers engage with family members remotely too.

Motion-Detection Features

The AI objection detection technology allows for facial recognition, pet recognition, and package recognition features.

You can easily set up different types of motion-detection zones according to your needs.

Local and Cloud Storage Options

You can use a physical SD memory card with Wyze cameras to store recorded videos. However, once you run out of memory, you cannot record the latest footage without manually adjusting the memory space.

The free plan allows you to save the latest 12 seconds of recorded footage for free. You can use cloud storage for higher memory space with paid plans.

Which Subscription Plans Does Wyze Offer?

Wyze has different subscription plans for individual cameras and home monitoring security systems.

The Basic Plan

You can install a Wyze security camera using the basic plan for free. However, this plan only captures still images and no videos.

Moreover, the gap between image recordings is 5 minutes. It means, if you are looking for a serious security plan, the basic plan is not an ideal one for you.

Cam Plus Lite

Cam Plus Lite plan can be customized by users. The company offers as low as $0 for this plan with a condition to subscribe for at least one device with the Cam Plus plan.

This plan offers video recordings of 12 seconds at 5-minute intervals. This plan also includes person, sound, CO, and fire detection features.

Cam Plus

The Cam Plus subscription model comes with the best features at $1.67 per camera annually.

  • Unlimited recordings
  • No cooldown events (uninterrupted recordings)
  • 2X or 4X fast-forward recording player
  • Vehicle, Pet, Person, and Package detection modes
  • Wyze web-view feature
  • Exclusive member discounts and offers

Cam Protect

If you are looking for a compact home surveillance and monitoring solution, you must consider the Cam Protect or Home Monitoring plans.

The Cam Protect Plan starts at $ 3.99 per camera per year and offers all the features of the Cam Plus plan.

The additional features include:

  • Friendly facial recognition
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • SMS + Call alerts
  • Test mode
  • Video verification and emergency panic button (mobile app only).

Home Monitoring

The Home Monitoring Plan adds a few more security features to the Protect Plan.

  • open/close window feature
  • Water leakage alert
  • Change in weather/temperature features
  • Weather-based sprinkler controls
  • Camera battery backup

Is Wyze on Demand Subscription Worth It?

If you compare the available features with the free and paid plans above, you’ll say it’s worth investing in a Wyze subscription.

However, the question is to choose the right subscription plan for you. The prices mentioned above are per camera and might not suffice for the whole monitoring system of your home.

Once you know the number of cameras and video doorbells required, you can estimate the monthly cost for each plan.

Then, consider the security features you require. If you travel a lot, then you must use the Cam Plus or Cam Protect plans for enhanced security features.

Combining the cost of Wyze cameras and subscription models, the combination is one of the most affordable ones in the market.

Pros and Cons of Wyze Subscription Plans

Let’s briefly summarize the pros and cons of Wyze cameras and subscription plans.

Pros Explained:

  • It is a quality brand with an excellent range of security cameras and video doorbells.
  • It has a free plan and its paid plans are also competitive.
  • The quality of video recordings is 1080p for most cameras.
  • It comes with AI detection technology, allowing for enhanced security experience.
  • You can purchase certified refurbished cameras at affordable prices too.

Cons Explained:

  • Most exclusive features come with expensive subscription plans.
  • The basic plan only captures still images and the gap between video recordings is 5 minutes for the Lite plan.
  • The paid plans only keep recorded videos for 14 days which can be a great disadvantage for frequent travelers.
  • Live monitoring and security alert features are available only with the expensive Protect or Home Monitoring subscription plans.

FAQs on Wyze Subscription Plans

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Wyze cameras and subscription plans.

Can I Use Wyze Software with Other Camera Brands?

No, you cannot use Wyze services with any other cameras. This software only works with Wyze cameras and video doorbells.

Does Using a Micro SD Card Affect My Recordings?

No, it does not affect the video recording quality and you can use both the physical and cloud storage slots simultaneously.

Do Wyze Cameras Record Continuously?

Wyze cameras are built to preserve battery life. Thus, the camera will only record when it detects motion and will stop when there is no motion in the activity zone.

Do I Need to Reset the Motion Detection Zone Every time?

No, you do not need to reset the motion detection zone every time manually.

How Can I Contact Wyze Customer Support?

You can contact Wyze customer support through its live chat feature or give them a call at (206) 339-9646.