Is DataCamp Premium Worth it? All you Need to Know

If you want to know, is the DataCamp Premium worth it or not? You should know about the DataCamp website, its all features, and, premium subscription. You will get to know what is the mission of DataCamp.

DataCamp is a company that provides an online learning platform for students to build data skills in their footsteps.

It offers 350+ different courses in more than 10 different technologies, and these courses include Python, Excel, Power BI, Tableau, etc. it also provides training for every skill at every level.

Let us start!

Mission and Core Values of DataCamp Premium

The mission of DataCamp is to standardize data skills for every person. Most companies and teams are using DataCamp to close the data skills gap and make data-driven management better. DataCamp also provides the platform for learning analytics and data science.

The impact of data science and analytics is speedily improving the aspects of our lives and business. By learning data analytics, we can learn the skills to work with our data efficiently.

No one can collect or analyze the data effectively if one does not have command over data analytics.

Data analytics are vital for the progress of every business. Standardizing the data skills for everyone is one of the core values of the data camp. Some courses are free, and for some courses, you have to get a subscription.

Let’s talk about the DataCamp premium version.

Is DataCamp Premium Worth it?

Are you a DataCamp free user or paying for its standard subscription? If yes, then you have familiar with its usage. If you want to upgrade your content subscription, you need to know if DataCamp Premium is worth it.

DataCamp premium is worth it, but you maximize the use of a standard plan to make sure that you understand all the concepts taught.

After completing the seven projects, you can subscribe to premium DataCamp. It is expensive, but its considerable project portfolio gives you a priceless real-world experience.

Here is Need to Know, what is DataCamp Premium?

DataCamp premium is a top-level subscription for users. Usually, DataCamp offers three types of subscription levels, and two of them are for businesses.

Following are the types of subscription levels:

  1. Free Subscription
  2. Standard subscription
  3. Premium subscription

Free Subscription

For a free subscription, you only need to make a free account. It costs 0$.

Standard Subscription

For a standard subscription, you have to pay $ 300$ per year, which means 25$ for each month. On the other hand, you have to 29$ for per month payment.

Premium Subscription

At the premium subscription level, you pay 399$ for one year, which means 33$ for each month, but in monthly payments, you pay 49$ per month.

Comparison among the Subscription Level

Access to Courses

You can access only the first chapter in the free subscription, but you are eligible for all the courses in a standard and premium subscription.

80+ Projects

You can complete only 7 projects in a free subscription, but you can complete all the projects available in standard and premium subscriptions.

Career tracks include courses, quizzes, and projects to make a strong base of data science. But you are not eligible for these courses in a free subscription. Standard and premium subscription includes these data science courses also.

Challenges for Practice

There are no challenges available for practice in a free subscription, but there are unlimited practice challenges to practice your skills in standard and premium subscriptions.

Access to Mobile App

No mobile app access in free subscription, but you can access DataCamp on your mobile through standard and premium subscriptions.

It is effortless and attractive to take classes on your mobile, and there are bite-sized exercises and everyday challenges that help you reach your goal faster.

Chat with Communities

DataCamp has online communities, and you can chat with communities and can get support. DataCamp has a community page that everyone can access, but this chat function with the community comes with paid plans only, such as standard and premium subscriptions.

Tableau, PoweBI, Oracle

These courses are available only on in premium subscription. You cannot get the content of this course in a free or standard subscription.

Skills Track

This is the best feature of the DataCamp using this feature, and you can select the course according to the skill you prefer to learn. With a free subscription, you cannot use skills tracks. They are available in standard and premium subscriptions.

Skills Assessment

Only learning skills has no worth until you assess your skills. There is only one assessment in a free subscription, but you can assess your skills through unlimited assessments in standard and premium subscriptions. The questions in the assessment depend upon the performance of the learner.


DataCamp offers a variety of live codes to its users, and you can choose these offers according to your need. These offers can be found on special occasions and on a regular basis also.

These live codes are very beneficial for your skills progress. These are available only in the premium subscription.

Priority Support

Priority support has over 100 years of experience in IT. If a company consists of two employees or a multinational company our services are according to your need.

It gives you guidance about your business and wants to know about your business.

It asks you about how you operate your business and what are the trouble points. This support is only achievable with a premium subscription.

Is DataCamp Premium worth Extra Money?

If you are a beginner, then you must spend your time on a standard subscription. With a standard subscription, you will get a practical coding experience also.

When you complete your course, there are coding challenges to work and then you will attend live-code-along sessions.

In a standard subscription, you will get seven projects to complete. This is clear cut that for most beginners’ a standard subscription is enough to learn and practice.

After completing all projects and practicing tasks in a standard subscription, you should go for a premium subscription to take more advantage of its all features.

Learning Style

According to the learning style of DataCamp, “you learn best when you get a chance to apply what you learn quickly.”

They provide short exercises and follow video lessons quickly. DataCamp students govern its students to exercises and work projects so that you can apply what they learn.

Final Words

After reading this, you will get the answer, is DataCamp premium worth it? You will also learn what is DataCamp Premium is and what its learning style?

By reading users’ reviews, we can say that it is the best website to learn data analytics and science because you can also access the app on your mobile phone.

You can watch course content at any time and at any place where you want. This is the greatest revolution in technology to learn data skills at home while practicing skills also.