Is Experian Subscription Worth It? All You Need to know.

According to an experienced spokesman, the purpose of any subscription product is to monitor progress, observe for identity theft and understand how to purchase events and habits that impact one’s credit score. Is the Experian subscription worth it?

Those products that offer your credit report at no charge are free trials for paid subscription services, for example, credit monitoring; you must read their fine print while checking your credit report for free, particularly if you are asked to enter your credit card information.

This article contains all information related to the Experian subscription that will kill your queries. So, let us discuss this important topic in detail.

Should You Pay for Experian Credit Monitoring?

You will experience Experian in different ways as it offers you both free and paid credit monitoring services. Which option do you choose; your option decides whether you should pay.

Experian credit monitoring ranks as runner-up for the best free credit monitoring services.

Complete ID is a significant part of Experian, one of three major credit reporting agencies. It is available only to Costco Wholesale Club members, while a complete ID is the lowest option for credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

On the other hand, Experian identity works are the best-paid service for families. If you consider credit monitoring, it might be hard to know if it is worth the cost.

Is Experian Credit Works Basic Free?

Credit works basic plan is free, and it does not require any credit card. It lets you see your Experian credit report and credit score once a month and monitors some basic information related to your credit history.

This information might be what the new accounts are added to. There is a rough difference of 10 pts in free sites like Credit Karma and Experian.

How does Experian Boost Raise Credit Scores?

With Experian boost, payments can improve your credit scores when you permit Experian to connect to your online bank account to pay your monthly bills.

The length of your credit history is one of the essential factors for your credit scores.

Adding new records to your credit file helps you build a positive payment history. Experian boost enables you to build a credit history since you will have more evidence of active tradelines, including accounts and on-time payments.

Another thing Experian boost consider is only positive payments, while late payments on your added account do not negatively affect your credit scores.

Experian Identity Works

Experian identity works to provide you with 2 identity theft protection plans.

  • IdentityWorks plus for $9.99 per month
  • identity Works premium for $ 19.99 per month.

These plans can cover 1 adult, like one adult and 10 children, or two adults and 10 children. The level of monitoring and protection for identity theft protection services is only as good as the demanding data you provide.

Experian needs access to credit reports, bank & credit card account numbers, birth dates, and a lot of information to deliver alerts and monitor our information for fraud.

As an Experian company, identity works is focused on credit reports and scores. Here, members can access daily FICO scores by getting alerts for credit inquiries, significant balance changes, new accounts, and other credit utilization processes.

Another benefit you will get is the FICO score simulator, which allows you to determine how financial decisions, such as taking out an auto loan, will impact your credit score. For your information, some benefits are mentioned here.

  • IdentityWorks offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Here, members can lock and unlock their Experian credit reports to prevent any fraud.
  • For individuals, plan coverages are available for one adult and up to 10 children, & one adult and up to 10 children.

Is IdentityWorks Right for you?

There are positive impacts for everything, but we also observe some complaints. The brighter side allows you to lock and unlock Experian credit reports to prevent fraud.

Still, it is not recommended for 24/7 customer service-specific computer security tools.

IdentityWorks offers some essential benefits & features to help and protect against identity theft. Read them and decide if the Experian subscription is worth it.

1.   Credit Monitoring

The premier plan consists of reports from 3 credit bureaus, monitoring for new accounts, considerable balance challenges, utilization, positive accounts, FICO source, and other dormant accounts.

In addition, plan members get credit reports from only Experian.

2.   Credit Scores

It includes access to Experian FICO scores (plus) and quarterly 3 bureau FICO scores (premium).

3.   Experian CreditLock

Experian CreditLock consists of a lock and unlocks Experian credit files faster than any credit freeze, and it receives alerts of all attempted credit inquiries.

4.   Social Media Monitoring

If risky words are posted in your name, social media monitoring allows you to set alerts and receive notifications.

5.   Social Security Number Monitoring

Social security number monitoring provides many tracks, reports, addresses, and other aliases associated with your identity.

6.   USPS Address Change Verification

It helps you receive a change-of-address alert indicating your identity theft.

7.   Financial Takeover

It includes notifications that an account is made and opened in your name. There are some additional monitoring, including

  • Court records and bookings
  • Sex offender registry
  • File-sharing network monitoring
  • Payday loan monitoring

How Much Does Experian IdentityWorks Cost?

Experian IdentityWorks’ comprehensive plan is IdentityWorks premium. Its monthly cost is approximately $19.99, and its monthly cost – billed annually, is $16.67, so the cost difference you will notice is approximately $4.16.

 Experian offers IdentityWorks members more than 30 days of free service. You can cancel it at any point during the trial period without any charge.

If you are not interested in canceling it, your membership will continue, and you will be billed $9.99 each month for Experian IdentityWorks or $19.99 for Experian IdentityWorks premium.

Is Experian Score Lower than Credit Karma?

Yes, Experian scores are lower than credit karma because of two reasons. For one, the lenders can pull your credit from different credit bureaus, whether Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Is the Experian subscription worth it?

Another thing that you will notice is there is a rough difference of only 10 pts in credit Karma and Experian.

Your score provides a significant difference which depends on what bureau your credit report is pulled from. And another thing, they do not all receive the same information about your credit accounts.

This is enough to understand if the Experian subscription is worth it.

10 Best Alternatives to Experian Subscription

  1. Credit Sesame: Credit Sesame is a free online credit monitoring service that offers credit scores, reports, and other financial tools. It provides easy access to your credit scores, detailed Experian credit reports, and automatic alert notifications.
  2. Credit Karma: Credit Karma is another popular free service that allows you to obtain your Transunion and Equifax credit scores and reports. It also provides helpful alerts with advice on how to improve your score.
  3. Quizzle: Quizzle provides free VantageScore 3.0 and FICO score 8, plus a detailed Experian report at no cost. In addition, members get easy-to-understand strategies for building their personal credit history.
  4. WalletHub: WalletHub is a comprehensive website where members can actively manage their finances with features like identity theft protection, budgeting tools, and access to up to three of the most widely used credit scores from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion for free.
  5. MyFico: myFICO provides everything you need to understand your complete financial picture in one place, from accessing all three major bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) credit reports and scores to various informative, educational resources about responsible use of credit cards or borrowing money responsibly when necessary.
  6. IdentityForce: IdentityForce is an all-inclusive identity theft protection service with comprehensive monitoring and repair services covering bank accounts, medical records, investments, Social Security numbers, and more—plus daily access to TransUnion®Credit Report & Score powered by VantageScore® 3.0 (based on Experian data).
  7. PrivacyGuard: PrivacyGuard offers fast access to view your TransUnion, Experian & Equifax Credit Reports & Scores – Plus Daily Updates & Alerts of any changes – all in one convenient app or desktop platform interface with the added benefit of full identity theft protection coverage included in the package too!
  8. FreeCreditReport: With FreeCreditReport’s new Tri-bureau platform, users can check their three major bureaus (Experian®, Transunion®, Equifax®) instantly using the powerful suite of tools offered, which include detailed explanations about elements impacting their ratings plus direct debit payment options so they can pay bills via their account directly from the website without disruption or possible errors found when making payments manually elsewhere online / offline, etc.
  9. TrueCredit: This service, run by its parent company TransUnion prides itself on providing customers with safe, secure access to their Experian report score along with advice on identity fraud prevention as well as easy setup payment management system providing members full control over their finances at any time anywhere with just a few clicks!
  10. CreditCheckTotal: Last but not least, CC total combines both states of art security alongside tailored advice designed around each user’s needs concerning their overall current financial status plus, they offer unlimited access 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning if there ever an issue, users can quickly pinpoint root cause quickly so it can be addressed right away!


You can see the free Experian credit report at any time. Here, your credit report shows the amount of your account, along with the payment history, status, and other contact information for the creditor handling the debt.

Soft inquiries happen when you check your credit report & score and use credit monitoring services from Experian with other companies.

These inquiries do not fully impact your credit score and are listed in a separate section in your credit report from those that do.

I hope you enjoy and understand all the information about Experian and its subscription.