About us


Curiously want to know who we are?

Here is the story of why wikisubscription.com exist!

As we all know, the way that companies operate their business now has changed.

Many factors force them to change, but the most important reasons are probably technology and customer behavior.

From traditional business processes to adoption of new technology to catch up with changing as the result of changing of customers behaviors in the adoption of technology.

These changes force the company to change its business model.

The subscriptions business model is one of the models that most companies adopt now.

It is changing from the way the companies sell their products or services separately to purchasing them in a batch or subscript box, packages, or plan, whatever each company calls, customized for individual customers’ needs and probably fit with their financial situation.

We believe that there should be someone who has the experience of performing in-depth research using the subscriptions box, package, or plans to share their view.

As many people looking for the experiences of those using the subscription are increasing, we form the people, test the products and services, and assess the subscriptions box, package, or plan.

This is who we are and why we exist.