Is Crunchyroll Subscription Worth it? All You Need to Know

When can you enjoy anime, movies, songs streaming free why are there paid plans? Crunchyroll has introduced two paid plans. Is Crunchyroll subscription worth or merely a wastage of money?

Move on to know the details of its subscription plan, features you enjoy after getting a subscription, and much more.

What is Crunchyroll?

It is an American website where people follow anime, movies, and song streaming. Moreover, you can easily find the hot title of the moment.

Crunchyroll is very famous for its services as you can even find the popular moment in simulcast with Japan. Like other streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, it has different plans, and all of them have their specialties.

Can you Use Crunchyroll without Signing up?

Yes, you can use it without signing up and without paying anything. However, keep in mind that your experience will not be good and you have to face several problems.

People avoid Crunchyroll without signing up because you have to watch certain ads that cannot be skipped. Therefore, it is recommended to spend a few dollars and get its subscription.

Plans of Crunchy Roll

Crunchy roll has introduced four 4 plans for its audience. Let us discuss them one by one in detail.

1.  Free Plan

It is best for those people who have just now started watching anime and want to explore them. The quality of the display is standard or 490p; thus, you will enjoy it.

However, in the free plan, different types of advertisements show on the screen that is a bit annoying, but you have to bother them.

2.  Crunchyroll Fan Membership

You must try Crunchyroll fan membership as it cost only $7.99; moreover, you will get 14 days free trial. Thus you can check whether a Crunchyroll subscription is worth buying or not.

You will experience a better screen view as its quality increase to 1080p or 720p. They remove all ads; thus, there will be nothing to annoy or disturb you during the show.

You can watch all new anime and read the manga as soon as they are on air and published respectively as you get simulcast in this plan.

3.  Mega Fan Subscription

There are many perks of mega subscription; for example, the number of concurrent broadcasts per-account increase from 1 up to 4. Thus you can stream 4 devices simultaneously.

Moreover, there are many other facilities; in short, you will love a Mega fan subscription. Best of all it is not expensive as it costs $9.99 per month moreover you get 14 days free trial.

For a yearly subscription, you have to pay $79.99. Thus if it is economical for you to buy a yearly mega fan subscription must buy it and have fun watching new anime that are just released.

This plan is best for those are love to watch anime but cannot afford to pay monthly $7.99, as in this plan, you get multiple accounts that you can share with your friends.

Due to this, the monthly bill will be shared, and you may have to pay only $2.48. Is not it the most affordable deal?

Is Crunchyroll Subscription Worth it?

Whether you should buy its premium or not; for example, if you are not very enthusiastic about anime, then do not buy its subscription plan; the free plan is the most suitable for you.

Similarly, if you do not like to watch every new anime, skip the premium and go for the free plan. The person who cannot bear ads must buy its premium.

Besides these, there are many benefits of subscription as it will change your experience level and you enjoy show more. Here is the list of features that will help you know if Crunchyroll’s subscription is worth it.

1.  Improved search quality

It is hard to search on the free plan, and it is hectic sometimes, but you get the show by just typing a few keywords in the premium plan.

2.  Easy user interface

It is a bit hard to use the free plan for some persons, so buy premium if you face this issue. You will love it as they have redesigned many things and you will enjoy it very much.

3.  Crunchylist

You can access their app, known as the Crunchylist app, which is very helpful in organizing your favorite shows. You can create a curated list in it.

Add it to the curated list if you do not have enough time to watch a show now. Whenever you are free, open the curated list, select the anime and enjoy your free time to the fullest.

4.  No adds

The biggest perk of subscription pan is that you do not have to watch very annoying ads as they disturb the whole mode during the show.

Thus in subscription mode, there will be no such issue; you will be watching anime smoothly. So you must get its subscription if you hate ads.

5.  Downloaded anime

Moreover, you do not need the internet whenever you want to watch anime. You can download them. Thus you will have access to them while being offline.

6.  Watch anime-only at the cost of $2.49 per month

You can share your mega fun monthly subscription; it will not cost you $9.99 per month, and you will have to pay just $2.49. You can share the account with anybody.

Here is the complete process of sharing a mega-fun subscription plan with other people.

  1. Become admin

When you buy the mega fun subscription plan, an option of admin will appear on the screen. Click on it, and you will get access to 4 accounts.

  • Form the group

Now you have to create a Crunchyroll group and put the number of people you want to add. Keep in mind you cannot add more than 3 people to the crunchy group.

  • Receive fee

Now all group participants will have to pay you as you have given them access to the subscription of Crunchyroll.

The total amount you will receive from 3 participants will be $7.49 per month. However, if the number of participants is less, you will receive less money.

Make sure you are using a safe and secure platform for the payment of such accounts. In my opinion, together price is the best one as it is safe, secure, fast, and quick.

To Sum up

In a nutshell, Crunchyroll has a lot of benefits, and you will not regret buying it. You get access to new anime, music albums, and manage; it becomes easy to search.

Similarly, you can make a curated list. Best of all, with its fun mega subscription, you have to pay just $2.49 per month as you share an account with others. It all depends on your behavior towards its services, whether you need its subscription or not.

If you still cannot decide if Crunchyroll subscription is worth it or not, feel free to ask in the below comment section.

Thank you for your visit!