Is Delish Subscription Worth It?

Delish is an online hub for delicious food recipes, dinner ideas, menus, tutorials, and nutrition help for its customers.

Delish has two subscription plans for its customers. Once you subscribe to these plans, you get full access to its services.

Let’s dive in to know whether the Delish subscription is worth your money.

What Does Delish on Demand Offer?

Delish is an online food and recipe website owned by Hearst Media Inc. limited. It’s an online platform that shares recipes, food news, videos, stories, and more.

You can enjoy free access to Delish services online with limited features. However, its best features come through paid plans.

If you are looking for a wide range of food recipes, dishes, cooking ideas, news, and tutorials, Delish is one of your best options out there.

Here are a few broader categories of services offered by Delish:

  • Meals and cooking
    • Quick recipes (under 30 minutes)
    • Dinner ideas
    • Menus
    • Nutrition facts
  • Food News
  • Food Trends
  • Holidays
    • Special-day recipes include Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.
  • Kitchen Tips and Tools
    • Cookware and Gadgets
    • Cookbooks
  • Restaurants and Chefs
  • Entertainment and Parties
  • Delish Shop
  • Bite Club
  • Videos, Stories, Newsletter, and more.

Delish curates a collection of world-class chefs and cooks from around the world. You can search for delicious food recipes for different genres, varieties, and tastes.

One of the unique aspects of Delish is its focus on research on recipes, nutrition facts, ingredients, and health/fitness challenges.

How Do Delish on Demand Programs Work?

You can access 3 recipes or articles on for free. You do not need any subscription plan for that.

If you want to have a crack at your favorite recipe at any time, you must subscribe to one of the two paid plans with Delish. The monthly (and limited) plan costs $3 per month, and the annual (and all-in) plan costs $20 per year.

You can sign up with an email address or a social media account like Facebook or Google. Then, provide personal, contact, and payment details to complete the account setup.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can then choose a payment plan according to your needs. You can upgrade or downgrade to a subscription plan easily at any time.

With a subscription plan, you’ll also receive the quarterly magazine on top of the regular weekly newsletter. You can also purchase a print copy of this magazine separately.

Which Subscription Plans Does Delish on Demand Offer?

You have two subscription plan options from Delish. Before that, a little on its free services.

The Free Version

When you sign up for the first time, you get access to only 3 recipes or articles on Delish per month. A free or basic version will do the job for you if you have limited needs.

Each month, your access to 3 recipes/articles will replenish.

The Digital Only Plan

It is a monthly subscription plan, costing $3 per month. It means you’ll pay $36 per year when using this plan.

The digital-only subscription plan from Delish offers limited access to its features and recipes too. Here are a few services you’ll get with this plan.

  • Unlimited access to Delish articles, recipes, videos, dinner ideas, news, and more.
  • A weekly newsletter containing selective dinner recipes, ideas, and tutorials.
  • It offers surprise Delish shop discounts and promotions too.

The monthly plan does not grant access to its quarterly magazine, though.

The All-Access Plan

The all-access subscription plan is worth the money if you want more savings and access to comprehensive features.

The all-access subscription plan from Delish offers the following features:

  • It includes weekly newsletter access.
  • Unlimited access to Delish recipes, ideas, tutorials, and more.
  • It includes a quarterly magazine subscription for one year.
  • It comes with special event invites.
  • It offers one-on-one access to expert cooks for kitchen queries.
  • You get free shipping on all purchases at the delish shop and special discount offers.

Is Delish on Demand Subscription Worth It?

Delish subscription plans are certainly worth the money. Its free version does not offer much anyway. So, if you really want to access its recipes and dinner menus, you’ll have to subscribe to its paid plans.

There are free online resources that share food recipes, nutrition information, menus, and expert advice for free. However, getting all these features from one place for free is challenging.

Delish has a collection of world-class cooks, chefs, recipes, dinner ideas, nutrition information, and other resources at a competitive pricing model.

From the offset, Delish seems expensive, with its monthly plan ($36) costing more than its all-access plan ($20) for a year. However, the yearly plan is cheaper but offers more features than the monthly subscription plan.

The amount of research, time, and dedication put in by the Delish team certainly makes a case for a paid food and cooking web with loads of other features too.

Pros and Cons of Delish Subscription Plans

Let’s briefly review the pros and cons of Delish subscription plans and services.

Pros Explained:

  • It offers a wide range of food recipes, dinner menus, desserts, tutorials, and a magazine with paid plans.
  • The company has a dedicated team of food experts, cooks, chefs, and nutritionists.
  • The company emphasizes quality ingredients, health, and fitness challenges as, well as the quality/taste of the recipes.
  • It also offers tips, tools, gadgets, and other kitchen items through its newsletter and online store.

Cons Explained:

  • The subscription model makes access to its basic recipes/food menus expensive. There are cheaper and free alternatives in the market with similar branding stature.
  • The monthly subscription plan costs more in the long term and offers fewer features.
  • The free version allows access to only 3 recipes per month that can easily be expanded to a few more with access to basic recipes.

FAQs on Delish Subscription Plans

Let us answer some commonly asked questions about Delish subscription plans and regular issues customers face.

Can I Subscribe to the Quarterly Magazine Only?

No, at the moment, there is no option to subscribe to the quarterly magazine only. The Magazine comes with an annual subscription plan only.

Can I Get a Printed Version of the Magazine?

Yes, the printed version of the magazine will be available quarterly at different bookstores and newspaper stalls.

Can I Change My Subscription Plans at Any Time?

Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade the subscription plans at any time. Log in to your account and change subscription plans from settings or contact customer support for further assistance.

How Can I Cancel My Auto-Renewal for Subscription Plans?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription plans before the next auto-renewal date at no extra cost.

How Can I Contact the Delish Customer Support Team?

You can use the live chat feature on the website for general queries. Alternatively, you can contact delish customer support through email at and by phone at 1-800-888-2676.

How Can I Save Recipes with my Delish Account?

You can only download the recipes with a paid subscription plan. There is no option to save recipes in your account database at the moment.

Is Delish Available to International Customers too?

If an international customer has a US-currency credit card, then the customer can subscribe to Delish subscription plans. Delish currently serves the US and Canadian customer base only.