How to Cancel Adobe Subscription?-The Ultimate Guide

Adobe is the most widely used tool; however, cancel its subscription if you do not need it. How to cancel an adobe subscription?

t is easy to understand the whole process through step-by-step guidelines.

Without wasting time, let us move ahead and discuss the whole process of canceling its subscription and much more.

Steps to Cancel the Adobe Subscription

It is vital to cancel the subscription because adobe deducts the amount from your credit card at the start of the billing month.

Follow the guideline given below to cancel the adobe subscription

  1. Firstly open the website of adobe.
  2. Now sign in to your account.
  3. Here you will see different subscription plans.
  4. Open the option of managing the account.
  5. A pop will appear on the screen containing two options for canceling the subscription or changing the plan.
  6. If you do not need an adobe subscription, click cancel your plan.
  7. Every service is very conscious about its customer, so adobe will ask you why you are leaving their site. So they can improve their service and stop further cancellations.
  8. You see multiple options; choose any of them.
  9. There is a comment section; you can add something fundamental.
  10. Now click on continue.
  11. Adobe tries its best to change your mind and stop you from canceling the subscription; thus, you will see another pop-up, and it will be asking you to discard changes.
  12. However, you must click on No thank if you do not want an adobe subscription.
  13. Now your subscription is canceled, and you will see its after-effects. Similarly, in some cases, you need to pay a specific fee, depending on your plan, whether monthly or yearly.
  14. Adobe has many other versions and innovative websites, for example, adobe lightroom. Cancel their advertisement and continue.
  15. Lastly, a dialogue box will open; it has highlighted options. If you are 100% sure that you do not want to use the subscription further, click on the option of confirmation.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

To cancel your adobe subscription and refund the plan fee, cancel it within 14 days after paying for the plan, and you can use your account till the last day of the subscription. You will not get a refund when you cancel after 14 days of subscription.

 You cannot freeze the subscription for months; it is removed once you cancel. However, you can deactivate your account.

Thus canceling a subscription does not mean that your account has been canceled; you can still use it and enjoy it.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

It is a collection of different tools such as video editor, graphic designing, web development, and photography; thus, it is a very beneficial subscription.

But you should cancel the subscription if you no longer do photo and video editing or graphic designing. It is merely a waste of money to pay for something you are not using.

You can get a subscription to adobe creative cloud for the whole year, and its charges are US$599.88. However, if you cannot afford them, you can pay charges of US$52.99 per month.

Critical Features of Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. It has the updates and releases of every new product.
  2. You get creative cloud membership and desktop applications available for both Mac OS and Windows versions.
  3. You get a free adobe portfolio along with adobe’s innovative plan; thus, you can design beautiful portfolios.
  4. You can make graphics, videos, and web pages fast as it has adobe spark. Thus everything runs smoothly.
  5. 100 GB cloud storage for file sync and share.

How to Cancel Adobe Creative Cloud?

The following are different ways of canceling CC. You can choose the option you think is the most appropriate for you.

Via phone call

  1. The number of their support team is (800) 833-6687.
  2. Call on this number
  3. Tell the representative about your subscription detail and all the necessary information.
  4. Tell him the reason for canceling the subscription.
  5. Now follow the instructions provided by the representative.


Follow these steps if you do not want to cancel the subscription via phone call.

  1. Open the Adobe website.
  2. Login your account
  3. Open the option of the management plan.
  4. Click on cancel the subscription.
  5. Give the reason for canceling the subscription.
  6. Now click on the option of confirm.
  7. After a while, you will get a confirmation email. Would you mind keeping it for your record?

Via DoNotPay

DoNotPay is widely used for canceling different subscriptions. Follow these steps to cancel your adobe subscription through it.

  1. Open DoNotPay on the browser.
  2. Now open and find hidden money.
  3. Here search cancels cloud subscriptions.
  4. Now cancel your adobe subscription.

This is how to cancel an adobe subscription. Ensure you are following all steps and have a secure internet connection.

Cancellation and Refund Policy of Adobe Creative Cloud

They will not refund you if you bought their yearly subscription plan and paid all in a single installment. However, you will be able to use the service till the end of the billing date.

However, if you pay their subscription charges monthly, you will not get a refund, and you can use all perks of the subscription till the next billing date comes. But this time, you will not be charged.

People who have bought annual subscription plans and pay monthly do not get a refund of the monthly fee, and they can use all features of adobe till the end of the month.

However, adobe charges them 50% of the remaining contract obligation with adobe.


Following are the question that people often ask.

Are Adobe creative apps available without a subscription?

No, you cannot get creative clouds separately, so if you want access to the creative cloud, get an annual or monthly subscription to adobe creative cloud.

Are all app updates included in the subscription?

Yes, you can access all new updates and releases if you have a subscription.

What is the difference between the annual and month-to-month plans?

If you cancel its subscription within 15 days, you are charged nothing; however, you are charged a 50% fee for the remaining month if you cancel later. On the other hand, month-to-month subscription holders have relaxation as they do not pay a cancellation fee.

Can I use the software on one more computer?

Yes, you can run it on two devices simultaneously, for example, on your working and office PCs.

Final Words

In short, there are just a few steps you have to follow to cancel the subscription. If you want a complete refund, cancel within the first 14 days of subscription; otherwise, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

However, month-to-month subscription holders do not have to pay any charges. Adobe creative cloud has many outstanding features; however, it has downfalls that are why people cancel its subscription.

If you still have any questions, do not worry, and feel free to contact us in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!