Chegg vs. Course Hero – Which One is the Best?

Chegg – Overview

Chegg is an American Ed Tech firm with an established history now. It offers study support and educational services to students through its online platform.

The on-demand tuition and textbook services are available with monthly subscriptions. Students can buy, sell, and rent physical or ebooks from Chegg.

Chegg also supports tutors and lets them earn through its platform. Tutors can make money by uploading syllabus support material, offering to tutor, or providing expert advice.

Then, you can use its online writing tools for grammar and plagiarism checking. Chegg network also includes services like Busuu, EasyBib, Citation Machine, Mathway,, and Thinkful.

What Does Chegg Offer?

Students can use textbook rentals to access study material or seek tutor support. You can also obtain a variety of services through its monthly subscriptions starting at $14.95.

Here are a few key services from Chegg.


The textbook service works two-way. Students can buy or rent textbooks in physical or digital form from Chegg at discounted prices.

Then, students can also sell or put their books on rentals with Chegg. Students can save a great deal of money by renting their extra books.

The rental and purchase prices also offer special discounts to students. Chegg has a collection of 30,000+ textbooks in physical or digital formats.

Study Material

Chegg contains a comprehensive range of study material and support in various ways. From accessing textbook solutions to question/answer segments and from live tutoring to accessing recorded lectures.

  • It offers flash cards made by graduates, tutors, and experts to help students.
  • “Math solver” helps students solve math problems.
  • It offers customized study packs for different school and college classes.
  • It contains step-by-step study solutions for students for various courses and topics.
  • Students can use the expert Q/A option to instantly get answers to their questions with 24/7 online support.

Exam Preparation

Chegg offers comprehensive support to students when it comes to exam preparation services. Students can take a student pack, ask an expert, and use its exam preparation services online.

  • The online study packs include definitions of key concepts and topics.
  • You can search for help by topic or subject separately.
  • You can use the ask expert options to quickly get a solution to a problem.
  • Flash cards are designed by experts to help you prepare for exams.
  • You can use the problem sets made by experts.
  • The comprehensive approach takes the mock exams prepared by experts.

Chegg for Tutors

Chegg has a dedicated platform, “Uversity” for educators and tutors. Tutors can join this program online and earn money by sharing their expertise.

The program is currently available to lead course instructors from accredited schools across the US. Therefore, other teachers including assistants, lecturers, or scholars are not eligible to join if they are not the lead course instructor for their respective fields.

Writing Services by Chegg

These additional writing services by Chegg are valuable for students pursuing higher education. They can use these online tools to improve their writing skills and obtain professional services at competitive prices.

  • Chegg offers an online plagiarism checker.
  • The proofreading services are available within 24 hours through experts.
  • You can get a premium grammar checker too.
  • Chegg also offers an online citation generation tool.

Course Hero – Overview

Course Hero is an American online educational technology firm. It offers students online study material, courses, subject support, and exam preparation services.

It contains over 20 million course resources including answers, solutions, slides, videos, essays, and other types of learning materials.

Students can access study material for free when they upload their study documents. For additional features and services, you can also purchase a paid plan starting at $9.95 per month.

What Does Course Hero Offer?

Course Hero has a vast library of educational material and study support. Students and tutors can use this platform as a common marketplace to buy/sell educational material and study support.


Course Hero has a collection of over 1,200 textbooks for various subjects and classes. You can search a textbook by subject easily using its intuitive online search tool.

Then, there are millions of user-generated resources and expert study solutions available. These resources are free when you upload academic solutions or study resources.

You can access these resources online through a subscription starting at $9.95 per month too. The textbook solution library also includes video tutorials and hints.

Study Material

The easiest way to get study material is by searching Course Hero’s collection of millions of guides, notes, answer sheets, hints, and videos through its online search bar.

Students can filter results by subject, school, or class. Then, you can further refine search results by implementing other search filters.

Exam Preparation

Course Hero has a dedicated “Practice Problems” section for exam preparation. It’s a key area where most students struggle and look for online help.

Further, you can find help through live questions from experts 24/7. The homework or exam preparation help includes step-by-step explanations.

Course Hero has a specialized section for standardized tests as well. This section helps students prepare for special tests like GRE, MCAT, and GMAT.

Course Hero for Tutors

Educators and tutors can join Course Hero by applying online in a few simple steps. Online tutors do not require certification from recognized bodies or certain qualifications.

However, every tutor must provide credible proof of education and expertise to get approved as a tutor at Course Hero.

Chegg v Course Hero – Key Differences?

Let’s summarize some key differences between Chegg and Course Hero.


Hands down Course Hero is cheaper than Chegg. Course Hero starts at $9.95 while Chegg at $14.95.

Moreover, Course Hero offers students free access in exchange for study material uploaded on its platform.

Range of Courses

Course Hero has a vast library of textbooks, study material, learning items, and other items in millions as compared to Chegg having just 30,000+ resources overall.

Both Chegg and Course Hero offer intuitive online resources. Chegg includes a math solver, flashcards, videos, and other animated items too.

Access to Textbooks

Chegg and Course Hero have a similar selection range when it comes to textbooks. Both platforms offer a wide range of textbooks available for different subjects, schools, and classes.

Practice Problems

Chegg offers mock exams, Q/A, and practice question resources for exam preparations. Similarly, Course Hero also comes with an excellent range of practice problems and mock exams.

Online Student Support

Both platforms offer 24/7 expert access for live questions. The average answer time from these online resources is usually around 15 minutes.

Then, students can download reports, articles, essays, videos, hints, and other support material from online libraries from these online platforms.

Study Content Type

Both platforms have excellent content quality. In practice, there is little to differentiate between study textbooks or support material.

However, by seeing the tutors’ qualification criteria, one can say Chegg educators are only course leaders as compared to Course Hero recruiting teachers with varied experience levels.

Features for Tutors/Educators

It’s easier to join Course Hero as a tutor as compared to Chegg. As an educator, you must be leading a subject/course at your institution to join Chegg.

Other Services

Chegg offers online writing tools like plagiarism checker, grammar checker, proofreading, and other learning tools.

Similarly, Course Hero offers scholarship and internship programs to students selectively.

Chegg v Course Hero – Which One is the Best?

The right choice for students depends on the exact type of content they want.

Course Hero is your best choice for a lower price if you want to access a comprehensive range of study material and support.

If you are looking for expert advice and customized course assistance, then, Chegg is a better option.

Most other features are similar to both of these leading online education platforms.