Is Zee5 Subscription Worth It?

Zee5 is a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprise in India. It offers on-demand and streaming services in India and several other countries.

To enjoy the highest audio and video quality, you must subscribe to a premium plan. The most valuable content is available through the paid plans too.

Let us discuss what Zee5 offers, and whether the Zee5 subscription plan is worth purchasing.

What Does Zee5 Offer?

Zee5 is an on-demand video streaming and over-the-top (OTT) service provider. It offers its audience a wide range of global TV shows, movies, news, sports, and family entertainment shows.

Zee5 was initially launched in India and is now available worldwide in many countries. Its launch in the US was initially delayed but has been successfully launched since last year.

The top categories of media entertainment on offer from Zee5 include:

  • TV Shows
  • Web Series
  • Movies
  • Dramas
  • Songs
  • News
  • Sports
  • Exclusives
  • On-Demand Videos

Viewers can mainly access Zee5 content on TV, the Web, or mobile app.

You’ll need a smart TV or top box to set up Zee5. Register for your Zee5 account first and then select a paid plan according to your needs.

Then, authenticate Zee5 on your smart TV or a top box to start watching the content. You can use casting/downloading services on select smart TVs as well.

You can access Zee5 content through its website by signing up for a new account first. Then, select a subscription plan and make the payment. You can start watching your favorite TV shows on the web instantly.

Finally, you can download the mobile app on IOS, Android, or Google devices. After subscribing to a paid plan, you can watch your favorite TV shows.

Which Subscription Plans Does Zee5 Offer?

Zee5 offers three subscription plans. One mobile plan is specifically designed for mobile users and the other two can be used for web or TV subscribers.

Premium 4K

The Premium 4K costs INR 1,499 per month in India and $49.99 in the US. Zee5 has special discounts for students in all countries. For instance, students in the US enjoy a premium subscription plan for only $4.99.

The maximum video quality for the Premium 4K plan is UHD 2160p and Dolby Atmos for audio quality. You can connect a maximum of 4 devices under this subscription plan.

Premium 4K plan can be accessed on a TV, IOS, Android, Firestick, Laptop, and PC.

Premium FHD

The Premium FHD plan is a downgraded version of the Premium 4K plan. It costs INR 699 in India per year.

The maximum video quality under this plan is up to 1080p (Full HD) and 5.1 for audio. You can only connect 2 devices at a time with this subscription plan though.

Viewers can access Zee5 content on all devices with this plan too.

Mobile Plan

The lite version of Zee5 premium subscription plans is available for mobile users at a discounted price of INR 499 per year too.

You can only connect one mobile device under this plan though. The video and audio qualities are also lower expectedly. Currently, the mobile subscription plan is supported for Android devices only.

How to Subscribe to a Zee5 Premium Plan?

The easiest way to subscribe to a Zee5 subscription plan is to go through its subscription page on the website. Once you purchase a plan, you can then activate it on any device depending on the type of plan.

Alternatively, you can directly subscribe to a paid plan when accessing directly from one of these devices.

On Mobile

  • Log in to your Zee5 account on the mobile app first.
  • Select the “Buy Plan” option from the top and choose a plan.
  • Make a payment for your selected plan and wait for the confirmation.
  • You can now enjoy Zee5 premium content.

On Smart TV

  • Choose Zee5 on your Smart TV menu.
  • Go to settings and select the “My Plans” tab.
  • Choose a subscription plan of your choice and make a payment.

On the Web (PC/Laptop)

  • Register or log in with an existing account at
  • Choose the “Buy Plan” option from the settings.
  • Select your preferred plan and make a payment.
  • Once the payment is confirmed, you can start watching the content.

On a Premium Show Trailer

You can also subscribe to a premium plan when watching a premium TV show or web series. The premium content will showcase the subscription page link at the end of the trailer.

You can sign up for a subscription plan from that link conveniently.

How to Get a Discount on Zee5 Subscriptions?

Zee5 viewers can get a discount on subscription plans when they subscribe through its partners. The partnership offers and discounts may vary by country and may not be available in all locations.

Zee5 TV partners in India include Amazon Fire TV Plus and Anniversary discounts on different other platforms. The anniversary offer includes a discount of up to 50% on subscription plans.

Zee5 also offers discounts through telecommunication partners like Airtel. Its previous discount offer included a 10% discount on monthly subscription plans purchased through Airtel

Some ongoing and past partnership offers through broadband providers in India include Jio Fiber, Alliance, Meghbhela, and Yupp TV BNSL broadband partnership discounts.

Is Zee5 on Demand Subscription Worth It?

Without a subscription plan, you cannot watch Zee5 content anywhere. So, if you want to watch its content, you must subscribe to one of the paid plans.

Premium subscribers can enjoy a TV show or movie one day before it goes public. The “Before TV” option allows premium subscribers to watch TV shows in advance.

Then, the content quality and variety offered by Zee5 are excellent. You can enjoy the content for news, movies, kids, documentaries, and sports with a single subscription.

The subscription plan cost is competitive too. Moreover, you can enjoy discounts on subscription plans when you use a promo code or subscribe through a partner.

In a nutshell, we can say the subscription plans offered by Zee5 are worth a try.

Pros and Cons of Zee5 Subscription Plans

Let us briefly discuss the pros and cons of Zee5 subscription plans.

Pros Explained:

  • The subscription packages are competitive and offer a good mix of monthly and yearly plans.
  • You get access to premium content with a paid plan.
  • Zee5 is an emerging content provider with a wide range of TV shows, movies, documentaries, original series, news, and sports coverage.
  • Subscribers can get discounted prices through partnerships and discount offers from Zee5.
  • Zee5 offers content in 12 different languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, and several other local languages in India.
  • Zee5 premium plans allow viewers to watch shows on demand and casting services for further functionality.

Cons Explained:

  • The mobile plan allows only 1 device at a time.
  • The Premium plans offer competitive prices but allow connecting up to 6 devices to your subscription plans only.
  • Most on-demand videos, premium channels, and premium content are available with paid plans only.
  • The free subscription period is limited and the free content is restricted.
  • Since it is a growing media platform, we can expect a limited range of TV channels in different genres currently.