How to Cancel Xercise4less Membership?- Step by Step Guideline

You must be looking for a complete guide to know about how to cancel Xercise Xercise4less membership. Everybody needs exercise to make his body and mind healthy and fit.

 Only we can survive in this challenging world when we are mentally and physically strong. Xercise4 less is an organization that operates gyms, and it has a welcoming community and excellent coordination for its customers. Despite all aspects, the customers of Xercise4less want to know the cancellation process.

Let us start!

What is Xercise4less?

The Xercise4less is a principal gym chain located in the United Kingdom. It came into existence in 2006 by Jon Wright, and the initial purpose was to provide the best facilities to the customers. Now it has over 400 pieces of equipment, and that’s why users don’t need to wait for one machine.

It also conducts classes by experts of gym trainers and that help you to work out efficiently. The Xercise4less has separate areas for ladies only that are don’t comfortable in co-gyms.

The mission of xercise4less is to get sustainability in the gym industry, and it is trying several ways to make it possible. The xercise4less team members desire to give job opportunities, health benefits awareness, and motivation in local communities where their gym centers are located.

Before knowing, How to cancel Xercise4less membership, you should also know that you have an opportunity to freeze your membership. Yes, you hear the right.

How to Freeze Xercise4less Membership?

That is good to know when you cannot attend your gym classes for any reason, so you don’t need to pay for the days or months when you are not going, only if you freeze your membership. You can freeze your Xercise membership up to 3 months without getting charged

  1. Go to the official website of Xercise4less.
  2. There will be a contact form, and fill this carefully.
  3. Make sure you add all details required by the cancellation application correctly.
  4. But you need to give a notice of 14 days to freeze your membership.
  5. You will receive a conformational email freezing your membership.

But if you have made your mind to cancel your xercise4less subscription, there are a few methods that you can use.

How to Cancel Xercise4less Membership?

Xercise4less is one of the great gym providers in the United Kingdom, but despite all the success and facilities, some customers are not satisfied with its member and want to know, How to cancel Xercise4less membership?

Let us discuss the cancellation policy and all the methods you can use to cancel the Xercise4less membership.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you sign up for membership by online methods, you can cancel the membership within 14 days. But if you sign up at a branch, you can cancel the membership within 7 days of the signup completing process. Must inform us via telephone, email, or by sending a canceling request.

If you request to cancel the Xercise4less membership within the cancellation period, the management will refund your dues, including the joining and membership fees. But if you will join the gym during the canceling period, we will reduce the refund by a pro-rata amount.

Online Cancellation of Xercise4less Membership

Following are the steps

Step 1

Visit the two links given below

Depending on whether you pay via direct debit or pay on monthly payments, there are different methods that you can use to cancel the subscription

In case of direct debit payments, visit this link

in case of monthly payments, see this link

Step 2

Filling the Cancellation Form

You will have to fill the cancellation form in the next step, including your membership account detail such as email, name, and reference number. You must need to fill out this form before they process the membership cancellation.

Step 3

Submission of Request

You will submit the canceling request to the support team d Xercise4Less. According to their membership cancellation policy, you need to give a 30 days notice before your membership is permanently closed.

Step 4

Confirmation of Account Cancellation

When 30 days are over after the cancellation request, confirm your account on the next billing date that either they have deducted the money from your account or not.

At last, you will receive a conformational email of the permanent cancellation of your account.

Cancellation by Contacting Gym Manager

If you don’t want to mess with the online system, you can also cancel the membership. Go to your gym in the staff timings and request them to meet with the Manager. The Manager has a right to cancel your membership.

He will ask you about the details related to your account of Xercise4less, such as your name, email, account number, and payment methods by which you were paying.

Cancellation via Xercise4less APP

You can also cancel your membership via the Xercise4less App so, follow the simple procedure.

Open the Xercise4less app on your phone.

  • Login to your account at Xercise4less gym.
  • Request the team to cancel the membership.
  • Give notice of 30 days before your permanent cancellation.

Cancellation via Messaging To Support Team

If you don’t feel comfortable with the cancellation method listed above, you can also use the most straightforward method. In this method, you need to send a message containing all detain related to your account and payment methods to support the team of Xercise4less company.

How to cancel the Xercise4less membership when you are on a 12-month contract? The method of this membership cancellation is also here.

How to Cancel Xercise4less Yearly Membership?

This yearly membership cancellation is only possible in some circumstances such as:

  1. When you are suffering from long-term illness or injury.
  2. When you have shifted your residency, play away from the gym over 15 miles.
  3. When you are facing an unstable financial state.

You are eligible to cancel your 12 months membership only when you are facing the above circumstances.

What are the Reasons For Cancelling Xercise4less Membership?

Xercise4less is one of the emerging and recognizable gym brands in the UK. They are strongly connected with social media and have incredible marketing strategies and yellow and black branding. Despite all the fantastic features and ratings, many subscribers want to know how to cancel the Xercise4less membership?

Following are the reason for cancellation:

  1. The primary cause is that the gym is far away from your residential area, and no one wants to travel to reach their gym.
  2. Other members set to cancel the membership because of their hectic life routines. Some decisions are more essential than a gym for them, but it is not good.
  3. Some members of Xercise4less give away because they are no longer using their membership and prefer to save their money.

Final Verdict

The eye-catching services and a fantastic variety of 400 gym equipment compel everyone to join the Xercise4less. The Xercise4less offers weight lifting, cardio exercises, and many more.

But despite all the exceptional services, some people want to give up and start searching, how to cancel xercise4less membership? In this guide, you will be clear about all the membership freezing and cancellation methods.

Thank you for your read!