Is the Forbes Subscription Worth the Money?

Is the Forbes Subscription Worth the money? Before discussing this, we will talk about what Forbes is? And all that you should know before subscribing to it.

Business magazines play a vital role in the growth of any business. These magazines provide information, news, articles to small business owners and entrepreneurs to give them new ideas and tips and tricks to flourish their business.

Let us discuss Forbes!

What Is Forbes?

Forbes is an American Business magazine that came into existence on September 15, 1917, by its founders, B.C.Forbes and Walter Drey. The maxim of Forbes Magazine is “Change The Worlds.”

Forbes Magazine publishes articles regarding finance, industry, investing, and marketing strategies. It also writes upon technology, communications, science, politics, law, innovation, cars, and real estate. The headquarters of Forbes is located in New York City.

Forbes Magazine has an international edition in Asia and licensed editions in 27 countries and areas worldwide. It has a wide range of readers because it features the world’s most influential celebrities and people.

It publishes its articles every two weeks or twice a week and has reached 5.8 million readers. Like every growing and successful organization, Forbes also has competitors, and these are Bloomberg and Fortune.

Before going to know, Is the Forbes Subscription Worth the Money? Let’s discuss its subscription plans.

How Much Forbes Subscription Cost?

Forbes offers a variety of subscriptions plans that you can choose depending on your liking. Following are the Forbes subscription plans that you can opt for according to your choice.

  1. Monthly Subscription Plan.
  2. Annual Subscription Plan.
  3. Two Years Subscription Plan.

Let discuss the plans individually.

Monthly Subscription Plan

This subscription costs $6.99 per month.

Annual Subscription Plan

The annual plan is the most famous plan of Forbes. It costs $49.99, and the readers also get a 40% discount on this yearly subscription plan.

Two Years Subscription Plan

This subscription plan costs $139.99, and you get charged after every two years. You don’t need to make payments every month. It also offers a 17% discount to its subscribers.

Is Cancellation Possible?

Yes, you can also cancel the subscription at any time. But your subscription plan is automatically renewed because you permitted it. Be careful about cancellation, and make sure you cancel the subscription before the renewal.

You can cancel the subscription via compatible devices with Forbes:

  1. Cancellation Forbes Magazine Subscription through iPhone and iPad.
  2. Cancellation Forbes Magazine Subscription via Android devices.
  3. Cancellation Forbes Magazine Subscription through Mac computer.
  4. Cancellation Forbes Magazine Subscription via PayPal.
  5. Cancellation Forbes Magazine Subscription using official Website.

Become a Contributor For Forbes

Forbes Magazine provides a great opportunity for those who have enough knowledge to write for finance, marketing, commerce, lifestyle, and technology. They will allow guest posts related to arts, culture, and politics, but if you publish articles for the topic unrelated to their sections, they will be rejected.

Follow the following steps if you want to contribute to Forbes:

  1. Visit “Submitting an Article to Forbes Opinion.”
  2. Submit your article on a related niche.
  3. Then wait for 5 business days for their response.

Your article must be original and not be published at any other site.

Who Are The Readers?

The people who have sharp eyes and are keen on billionaires’ listings, lifestyle, cars, real estate, scientific innovations, and fashions, then this publication site is perfect for them.

The articles on these topics keep you updated and give the latest information regarding your business and interest. In-depth- discussions and interviews are also arranged to broaden your insight.

You see the two reports and issue two times a week, and that’s why you don’t lose interest.

Here is the time to discuss, is the Forbes subscription worth the money?

Is Forbes Subscription Worth The Money?

Buying a Forbes Magazine Subscription is a brilliant decision you made ever because you get access to paid content and also the free content available in subscription plans. This free content is highly superlative.

They have various channels to publish their content, such as digital media and social media channels. A lot of well-researched and high-quality content is available on these digital and social media channels.

The content has excellent diversity and reports on every niche, including sports, technology, marketing, etc. The articles are exciting, innovative, and interactive to read for emerging entrepreneurs. The themes help entrepreneurs to get help and guidelines regarding their business or any other aspect.

The lists of reports and articles are the most viewed and helpful. The separate section entirely committed to women makes it more attractive as compared to other publishing sites.

To make clear to you, is the Forbes subscription worth the money? Let’s compare it with other business magazines.

Forbes Vs. Other Magazines

When we compare Forbes with other business magazines, we see differences regarding prices and focus on content. And the two competitors BBW and Fortune, focus on entrepreneurs’ inspirations, but Forbes doesn’t mainly focus on the entrepreneur’s content. Its primary focus is on F5000 and the other emerging companies.

The main audience of Forbes is the chief and CEOs of large organizations and companies that want to grow and flourish their business by learning and expanding their knowledge regarding business aspects.

The Forbes talk about and reports of successful and popular companies to make their audience lured about the benefit of a successful business. The audience that gets help from forming Forbes is those who wish to keep themselves updated with business headlines.

The articles on other subjects are not as dedicated as business articles; only a particular audience moves towards Forbes Magazine. The main target of Forbes is to attract high-class people in the business field.

The pros and cons of the Forbes Magazine will also help you to know, is the Forbes Subscription worth the money or not?


Following are a few cons

Low Price Subscription

The price rates of all the 3 subscription plans are cheaper than other magazines publications, which quickly attract people.

Multiple Categorizations

Forbes focuses on multiple categories, not only business like other business magazines. It publishes articles on sports, fashion, and lifestyles to augment the interest of its audience.

Knowledgeable Service

Forbes is rated as the most viewed and knowledgeable service regarding business article publication platform.

Elegant Arrangement of Articles

The articles are arranged pleasantly and elegantly to make it easy for access the content for newcomers.

Insider Information

The subscribers have access to insider information to read.

Comprehensive Language

The articles are written in accessible, comprehensive, and straightforward language for those who do not have a firm grip on the English language. All the pieces are relevant and brainstorming to interact with the audience.


Here are its drawbacks

Political Based

Most of the articles are politically based; that is why the people don’t like one-sided perspectives.


People don’t like their reading to be interrupted by ads, but many companies publishing involve ads.

Free access

Most of the content is available on their Website, so sometimes people do not prefer to subscribe.

Final Verdict

The American business magazine Forbes is the innovative platform to get knowledge about professional journalism and business-related information.

It also provides educational articles related to finance, commerce, and politics that influence business leaders to flourish in this challenging world.

 But people, before going to subscribe to it, want to know, is the Forbes subscription worth the money? In this guide, you will get enough features to decide whether the subscription to Forbes is worth it or not.