Is GoPro Subscription Worth it? Pros and Cons Are Discuss

GoPro is a widely used camera, and for using all its features, you have to get its subscription. Is GoPro subscription worth it, or should you use it in the free mode? It would help if you made this decision wisely; you cannot cancel the subscription and refund the money later.

Let us start!

What is GoPro

GoPro is an imposing, lightweight, durable camera that you can mount on helmets, handlebars, and surfboards for streaming.  Pay $49.99 per year to get benefits from its unique features.


The following benefits will help you in understanding is GoPro subscription worth it.

1. Replacement of Broken Camera

GoPro is not used with care, and people leave it carelessly everywhere. It often falls, and its camera breaks down. Do not worry as you get its camera replaced for free.

If you subscribe to a GoPro Plus subscription, they will not charge you anything and replace the broken camera with the new one within a few minutes. Is not it amazing?

Moreover, not for once, they will change your camera 2 times in a year, but if you break it for the third time in the same years, the camera will never get replaced without charges.

2. 50% GoPro Accessories

Different accessories are used with the camera and further enhance the working of the camera. Moreover, it becomes easy for you to use, and you get tremendous results.

Best of all, you do not have to spend a large amount of money on buying these accessories as they all are at sale for GoPro plus subscribers. Thus by just a one-month subscription and signing up, you will get a lot of benefits.

Keep in mind they keep changing discounts on different things, so they must visit their site for up-to-date prices. However, you get 30-50% off on all kinds of accessories and a 30% discount on batteries and mods.

3. Unlimited Uncompressed Video Storage

You know people love to capture pictures to save everything and create a memory for their future generations. Moreover, people post a lot of images on social media like Meta, Instagram, Twitter.

Thus they capture the pictures of everything and keep them in the GoPro; that’s why GoPro tried its best to resolve all memory issues. You can save unlimited images in the GoPro without any worry.

However, initially, the GoPro created a backup of 250GB for videos, but recently, it has removed this limitation for its plus subscribers. Thus you can backup unlimited uncompressing videos.

Is GoPro subscription worth it? This innovation has proved very beneficial for GoPro, and there is an extraordinary increase in the number of subscribers after introducing this feature.

4. Live Streaming

If you have GoPro max or Hero 7 Black, you have the golden opportunity to stream high-quality content from YouTube, Facebook pages, and twitch. However, you have to go through certain limitations.

You cannot stream without pairing it with the mobile app; however, subscribers are accessible in this matter. They can stream directly from GoPro to their account You do not have to pair it with your mobile for sharing through the app.


It has the following drawbacks.

1. You cannot Cancel or Unsubscribe

People try to play with GoPro, and they say I’ll subscribe to GoPro, sign up. After getting my camera fixed, I will cancel their subscription and refund my money. In short, you are thinking of getting your camera fixed for free.

However, the GoPro team was already conscious of this. Thus you cannot cancel the subscription, and there will be no refund of money.

So if you also subscribe to its plus version by mistake and your intentions were not bad, you will have to compromise. However, keep in mind that you must cancel the subscription at the last of the year; otherwise, they will deduct charges as they have your billing details.

2. Cannot Add more Promotional Codes

All of us want to save money, so people think that after subscription, they will get 30-50%discount on all accessories and get a further discount by adding a coupon code.

In this way, they will have to pay only a small amount of money. GoPro runs fantastic email marketing, and by reading their emails, people are convinced they will get a 10% discount on all accessories.

But people who have a subscription to any plan, coupons do not work. So keep in mind that at one time you get a discount from only one source. So if you want to get the discount from the coupon code, try it when your subscription period is completed.

3. Do not Accept all Mods

Mods are essential for a new setup, and people expect them to provide them with all necessary accessories in one shop. But they do not make in bulk, or they have any other issues.

You will see that they are always facing a shortage of some things like mods, lenses. You have to wait for getting these things, and the wait is not defined as they do not mention the duration during which all products will be available.

Thus if you cannot wait long and their store lacks accessories, you can buy from other brands or borrow from someone.

4. 50% Discount on all Purchases

It seems that you will get a 50 % discount on almost all items, and new subscribers are happy to hear this; however, the reality is different. You do not get a 50% discount on all things.

Furthermore, they sell gear, mounts, and accessories manufactured by GoPro at a 50% discount. All other items that GoPro does not manufacture are sold at a high price.

Suppose you want to buy an SD card, you will not get any discount due to subscription. They will charge you completely. Is GoPro subscription worth it?

5. Legal Stuff

Even if you follow and agree to all their terms of condition, they still postpone or block their users’ accounts. They do not have static rules, so when they introduce new laws, they stop all users who consciously or unconsciously break their rules.

Thus, if you want to save your account from being banned or blocked, you have to be active, thoroughly read all instructions and emails, and keep yourself aware of all T’s and C’s.

Then update your account according to them to avoid any disturbance later.

Is GoPro Subscription Worth it?

You will be getting many benefits from it, like cloud storage; thus, you can save unlimited images and videos. Moreover, you will get a 50% discount on accessories manufactured by GoPro, and they replace your broken camera free 2 times a year.

These all are worth praising features, but if you want to buy all accessories on discount or coupon code, you better leave the GoPro. Similarly, if you cannot update your content according to their terms of privacy and conditions, do not get its subscription.

To Sum up

In short, GoPro has limited benefits and a long list of cons. However, if you do not need many functions, cloud storage, camera replacement for free, and discount on accessories are enough for you to go for GoPro.

However, people who need innovations and looking for better opportunities should shift from its subscription. It all depends on your attitude, and I have explained all pros and cons.

If you are still confused, is GoPro subscription worth it? Feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit!