Is Daily Wire Subscription Worth It? (See What Does It Offer)

In the digital era, podcasts, on-demand videos, and online articles have replaced conventional radio, tv, and newspaper.

A lot of new and existing production houses and publication groups have leveraged this technological shift and stepped into the scene to provide affordable services to customers.

The Daily Wire is also an American news website and media company that did not exist before the last decade.

The company specializes in political podcasts, and articles about current happenings in different fields like climate change, politics, and social events.

The company is expected to reach 2.62 million subscriptions by the end of 2021. The most famous podcast of the Daily Wire is Ben Shapiro’s Show.

 If you’re in the consideration stage of buying a subscription to the Daily Wire, you’ve just come to the right place.

We will answer all the questions regarding the Daily Wire subscription and whether it’s actually worth it to purchase the subscription.

We will also discuss the vision, mission, and ideology behind the Daily Wire’s leadership and creation. So let’s get into it.

A Brief History Of The Daily Wire

As we discussed, the media company didn’t exist before the last decade. Talking more accurately, the Daily Wire was founded in the last quarter of 2015. The company launched on Sep 21, 2015, marking six years in the business as of September 2021.

The brand has differentiated itself as a news website for conservatives. We will also elaborate on the Conservatism in American society in the ideology of the media company.

Ben Shapiro, a political commentator, was the first one to launch the company, along with Jereme Boreing, a director. The Ben Shapiro Show is one of the most famous podcasts broadcasted through the company’s website and exclusive insider areas.

Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing worked for TruthRevolt, a news website, before conceiving the idea of the Daily Wire.

After getting the seed funding from Wilks Brothers, the media company was launched with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. However, the headquarters were moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in September 2020.

Currently, the company is one of the most famous and leading news companies, as per stats on Facebook when we talk about engagement.

You would clearly see the flair and smell of the American conservatives when scrolling through the articles or listening to the podcasts.

The Daily Wire has the second-most articles among the top 10000 stories on Facebook, and The Ben Shapiro Show was ranked as the second-most podcast in the US following The Daily.

Therefore, you can get an idea about the content engagement of the media company from the recent statistics given by different publishers.

The company has been evolving since its inception and exploring new avenues. The journey started with a news website that continued to become a podcast broadcaster, and they also stepped into the filmography by releasing Run Hide Fight in 2020, a feature-length drama about a mass school shooting.

The other film projects of the Daily Wire are also in process or have already been released in 2021.

Ideology Of The Daily Wire

Before you buy a subscription to any news website or media company, it is important to know if they advocate the same ideology.

Therefore, we will talk a little bit about the ideology of the Daily Wire to help you know if their ideology aligns with yours.

People are generally divided into two distinctive segregations of the right and left political spectrum in the American political scenes.

To be more prominent, the Daily Wire’s publications and podcasts have the taste of right-handed conservatives.

The political spectrum of America has been divided into the following: liberal, progressive, moderate, and conservative.

Conservatism comes from ‘conserve,’ and supporters of this ideology favor conserving the status quo, morality, social values, and money.

Most conservatives support tax cuts, oppose homosexuality, abortion, strict gun ownership laws, and support increased military spending. Besides, the conservatives are higher in number than the liberals in the general public.

You can understand the conservative ideology of the Daily Wire by looking at the titles of the news articles.

For instance, they will cover only specific stories promoting the conservative agenda. It can include adverse reports about socialist countries and polarizing accounts about race and sexuality issues.

What Does The Daily Wire Offer?

As discussed earlier, the Daily Wire has emerged as a media company with its footprint in different niches of digital media, filmography, podcasts, etc. The categories of the media company are as follows:

Written Articles

News articles on climate, business, social issues, and political issues are the specialty of the Daily Wire. Besides, the current happenings in the social and national perspective of the USA are generally part of the articles published on the Daily Wire website.

You can also find news about Hollywood, movies, government initiatives, opposition, etc. In short, the Daily Wire is one of the fastest-growing conservative media companies exploring the landscapes of the news, entertainment, and opinion industries.


You can listen to various podcasts broadcasted by the Daily Wire media company. The best podcasts are The Ben Shapiro Show, the Michael Knowles Show, The Matt Walsh Show, and The Andrew Klavan Show.

The Ben Shapiro Show became one of the most famous podcasts after 2018 when Westwood One began syndicating the podcast on the radio.

According to figures for 2019, the Ben Shapiro show was broadcast on over 200 radio stations and covered nine of the top ten markets.

Participation In Discussions With Guests And Writers

As a part of the premium subscription of the Daily Wire, the users can participate in discussions with the guests, writers, and opinion leaders in different niches.

Different Subscription Level

If you have to buy the Daily Wire subscription, there are multiple subscription plans for you according to your taste and needs.

Reader Pass

Reader pass is the basic membership that allows the members to read all the articles and includes exclusive op-eds on the Daily Wire website.

You will also get the ad-free version of the Daily Wire app in this subscription. The cost of the reader’s pass is $4 per month.

However, you will be billed annually, which means $48 per year.


The second level of subscription is the monthly insider membership. With the membership of the insider pass, you get everything that is included in the reader’s pass.

Besides, it also provides access to all shows on, the mobile app, the Apple TV app, and the Daily Wire Roku Channel. The cost of the Insider’s access is $14 per month.

Insider (Annual)

If you think that the Insider’s pass is for you, you can enjoy the discount on the annual subscription to the Insider’s pass.

Besides the reader pass, mobile & Apple TV applications, Roku channel, and access to The Ben Shapiro Show, you will also get the Leftist Tears tumbler from the Daily Wire media company.

When you subscribe to an annual plan, it will be $12 per month.

All Access

All-access is the premium subscription of the Daily Wire at $20 per month. Besides reading the articles and enjoying the shows, you can become part of discussions with the writers, and special guests and hang out with the hosts in live performances.

The perk of this premium subscription is an additional Leftist Tears tumbler for free.

What To Expect From Each Subscription?

If we analyze four levels of subscription, the difference between them can be identified based on the following factors:


As you proceed from the reader’s pass to the insider pass and all-access, a significant price jump of $10 and $6, respectively.


The reader’s pass gives you access to the news article, Insider’s pass gives access to articles and shows. The all-access pass unlocks all the features of the mobile apps, Roku Channels, articles, shows, and discussions.

Free Goodies

One Leftist Tear tumbler is sent to you in Insider’s pass annual subscription and two in the all-access pass.

Who Should Subscribe To The Daily Wire?

If you are a follower of the conservative ideology, the subscription to the Daily Wire is indeed worth it for you.

Besides, if you understand the click-baiting of news websites, the Daily Wire content will be digestible for you.

However, you might also experience some exaggerated facts in the news articles. The media company was rated 57/100 on the meter of authenticity, truth, and concreteness.

Final Verdict: Is Daily Wire Subscription Worth it?

The final verdict is that the Daily Wire subscription is worth the money. If you’re just into reading news articles, the affordability of the media company’s subscription is unmatchable.

One downside, however, is that you have to spend money to get to know what is inside the box. There is no free trial available.

The annual subscription of the Insider’s pass gives the best deal when the value for money is questioned. You get access to almost all the features that an individual will generally ask for.