Is Cazoo Subscription Worth It: Everything You Need To Know!

Buying your vehicle and updating the car models every one or two years can be very expensive in the current inflation scenario. A car subscription service is a great idea for car lovers without sacrificing financial freedom.

Drover was a car subscription service in the UK that allowed users to subscribe and get a car they wanted to drive.

It was the first all-inclusive brand in the UK, offering a different car ownership experience to the consumers of the United Kingdom.

Cazoo acquired Drover in 2021 to provide car buying, selling, financing, and subscription services under one brand name for the country’s consumers.

The mission of the Cazoo was to provide the drivers with their favorite car for an all-inclusive monthly fee that includes the cost of the car, maintenance, and breakdown.

In today’s article, we will talk about the Cazoo subscription, how it works, and things you need to know about the subscription plan of Cazoo. So let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways

  • Cazoo is a UK-based data-driven online car retailer brand that Alex Chesterman founded in 2018.
  • The company has a team of over 3500 people who are playing their role in providing UK consumers with an all-inclusive car ownership experience out of the box.
  • Cazoo subscription is the service offered by the company to its customers where they can subscribe to ownership of a car for an inclusive monthly cost.
  • The bad news is that Cazoo has stopped to offer car subscriptions to users as of June 2022.

What Is Cazoo?

Cazoo is a UK-based data-driven online car retailer brand that Alex Chesterman founded in 2018. The company is run under the parent organization Cazoo Holdings Limited.

The company, headquartered in London, has different subsidiaries, including Cluno GmBh, Drover, Cazoo Data Services Limited, and more.

The company is based in the UK but listed on New York Stock Exchange after the merger with a special-purpose acquisition company.

The company has a team of over 3500 people who are playing their role in providing UK consumers with an all-inclusive car ownership experience out of the box.

If we talk about the company’s history, they started the online marketplace in 2019.

In 2021, Cazoo decided to go international and launched the marketplaces in Germany and France. In 2022, the company expanded its marketplace operations in Spain and Italy.

After the pandemic and economic crisis, the company laid off several employees and shut down Europe’s business.

What Is Cazoo Subscription?

Cazoo subscription is the service offered by the company to its customers where they can subscribe to ownership of a car for an inclusive monthly cost.

The monthly subscription includes the cost of maintenance, repairs, roadside assistance, tax, insurance, and servicing.

You can choose between different subscription periods. The minimum subscription would be six months and go up to two years.

You will pay the subscription cost, depending on your monthly mileage. However, the bad news is that Cazoo stopped offering car subscriptions to users as of June 2022.

After the company had to cut jobs and reduce its investments, the management also sacrificed the car subscription service.

However, the already existing car subscribers will continue to get the services as promised until the end of the contract.

We never know when the company will decide to bring the subscriptions back as they have promised the customers to bring them back as soon as possible.

Since the company has ceased to provide car subscription services, there will be no point in discussing what you can and won’t get with the subscription.

However, we will briefly overview the working of the subscription and costs of Cazoo car subscription.

How Does Cazoo Subscription Work?

So here is the complete process of getting a car subscription from Cazoo:

  1. First, you must sign up for a Cazoo subscription by creating your account. Click here to start with the subscription process.
  2. Start by entering your personal information, including your email address, and creating a password. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google accounts.
  3. Once you’re signed in, complete your profile by providing the requested information.
  4. The next step is browsing and finding the ideal car for your needs.
  5. Once you have found the right car, request the desired one.
  6. After some time, you will be contacted by a team member of Cazoo to learn more about your needs. You will be asked to provide more information about your monthly preferred mileage and your driving history. The information is pulled to decide the driver’s eligibility.
  7. You must pass the verification process, including a soft search on your driving history and report.
  8. After assessing your eligibility, the subscription will be confirmed. You must submit a refundable deposit that is a sum of two monthly payments.
  9. You will have to provide the monthly subscription fee, including a one-time signup fee.
  10. Your chosen car will be delivered within seven days of the subscription confirmation.

What Can You Do With Cazoo?

As Cazoo is not offering car subscriptions currently, you might be wondering what you can do with Cazoo. So here are the services Cazoo provides to the customers:


You can buy your next car online without any hassle and freedom to choose from 250 makes and models. You can search the used cars, choose the payment method, and choose the delivery time or collection timeline.

Once your car is delivered, you have seven days to decide if the car is the right fit for you. If you are unsatisfied with the car, you get a full refund from Cazoo without question being asked.

You can also avail of the offer of part exchange which means you can exchange your current car and pay the remaining in monthly payments.


The financing service of Cazoo allows you to get car financing, a hire-purchase contract, or a personal purchase contract depending on your eligibility, monthly payments, and other factors.

All you have to do is choose the desired card, decide the deal you want to get, and apply for financing. Pay the deposit on approval and sign the documents online. Receive your car at your doorstep.


You can get your car valued with the online valuation calculator, drop your car at Cazoo, or request a pickup for a cost of £149.

Receive the payment according to the valuation! No pain, no hassle! You can also sell your old car with a fair valuation of the vehicle with Cazoo.

You will need to present documents like a valid driving license/passport, evidence of the car’s service history, at least one car key, accessories or parts of the car, and proof of address(utility bill, bank statement, etc.).

Cost Of Cazoo

If we talk about the average cost of a Cazoo subscription, here is a brief estimate of what you can expect to pay per month:

  1. The standard cost of 1000 miles per month
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance from NIG
  3. 24/7 Roadside assistance for car breakdowns
  4. Monthly maintenance and servicing fee
  5. Road tax

The cost of the monthly mileage varies depending on the car you have chosen. For instance, if you choose Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, the monthly cost might be around £949, and the cost for Audi 5 would be half that of the Tesla.

Besides the standard mileage cost, an additional cost adds to your monthly fee if you drive more than 1000 miles per month.

For instance, if your average mileage is 1500 miles, you will pay an additional fee of £100; if your mileage is 2000 miles, you will pay an additional fee of £200 per month.

Benefits Of Cazoo

The benefits of using a Cazoo car subscription are as follows:

  • You can drive your favorite and latest model without paying an upfront cost
  • You can change the car after six months or a year without any hassle
  • An all-inclusive cost that includes insurance, roadside assistance, road tax, and everything else
  • Affordable solution for people who can’t afford to buy a car
  • Completely online process

Downsides Of Cazoo Subscription

  • You don’t get ownership of the car
  • You can’t do much about the actual feel of the car
  • The physical experience of car buying is missing

Review: Is Cazoo Subscription Worth It?

Yes, a Cazoo subscription is a worth-it investment for those who can’t afford to buy a car or want to change the car model every six months or a year.

However, currently, you can not buy a car subscription from Cazoo. We will have to wait until the company starts subscribing to its customers again.