Is Beachbody on Demand Subscription Worth It?

Beachbody on Demand has been a well-known name in the at-home fitness industry for several years now. It offers free and paid membership plans to its customers.

Let’s discuss the Beachbody on a Demand fitness program, its subscription plans, and whether the plan is worth it.

What Does Beachbody on Demand Offer?

Beachbody is a leading fitness and health brand since 1998. It offers a unique at-home fitness program through on-demand and live coaching classes.

Beachbody on Demand (BoD) is currently available in the US, UK, France, and Canada. It offers comprehensive workout, fitness, and nutrition support programs with a wide range of programs.

BoD offers over 3,400 workouts and 90+ programs in different categories. Some of the popular fitness programs include:

  • Athletic training, Barre, Bodyweight training
  • Boxing, Bootcamp, Cardio
  • Core, Cycling, Running
  • Dance, Kickboxing, Kids & Family
  • Meditation, Mobility & Flexibility, Muscle building Pilates
  • Relaxation, Slim & Sculpt
  • Weight loss
  • Yoga

Additionally, Beachbody on Demand offers two nutrition programs too.

2B Mindset

It is a weight loss program through controlling diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The instructor shares her own story of weight loss. It is a sustainable and progressive approach to teaching you how to find a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Portion Fix

It is an extensive nutrition support program that stresses balancing your diet. It includes drinking, eating, and workout habits to go with your physical exercises.

This program includes healthy food recipes, nutrition plans, and other healthy tips for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

How Do Beachbody on Demand Programs Work?

All you need is an internet connection to watch and follow BoD fitness programs. These programs are available on IOS, Android, Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.

You can start by downloading the BoD mobile app on your Android or IOS device. Over 1,500 workouts, nutrition plans, and programs are available for free.

You can download and save these free videos and watch them offline. Then, you must create an online account with the BoD first.

First, you can choose a fitness program of your choice. You can take a guide on the right fitness program by reading a free guide on the website about each program.

Once you choose a program, you can then connect with a coach and follow instructions. Each program comes with unique workout hours and completion times.

Which Subscription Plans Does Beachbody on Demand Offer?

Beachbody on demand has two subscription plans, although you can enjoy access to fitness programs and nutrition plans for free.


You can enjoy a 14-day trial before signup for a paid membership plan. You can then choose from a 3, 6, or 12 months plan.

  • The 3-month plan comes at $74.97
  • The 6-month plan comes at $89.94
  • The 12-month plan comes at $119.88

Beachbody on Demand plan offers the following features:

  • Access to fitness and nutrition programs.
  • Meditation and 1:1 coaching
  • FIXATE and Mindset Menu
  • Tracking tool for daily activities and fitness benchmarks.
  • Access through multiple device streaming.


You can think of BODi as an add-on or supplementary program on top of the regular BOD membership plan. You can choose to sign up for both the BOD and BODi plans with a single subscription plan.

BODi includes all the features of the BOD plan, plus the following ones:

  • Live and on-demand classes
  • Work out with the trainer through BODCast.
  • Hit Music and BODi workout collections.
  • 2BM Mindset and Portion Fix nutrition plans.
  • MYX Bike integration
  • New meal plans and nutrition support.

Is Beachbody on Demand Subscription Worth It?

The annual subscription plan, including BOD and BODi plans, offers you a comprehensive fitness workout plan.

Beachbody on Demand keeps on adding new features like the BODCast, groups, nutrition plans, and new workouts to its collection.

If you want a comprehensive fitness and weight loss program, the subscription plans of BOD are worth the money. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial when you sign up for a quarterly or annual subscription plan.

Another advantage of the BOD fitness program is to access many of its workout plans for free. You can watch the workout lessons on mobile or pc and download these videos for free to use them offline.

Similarly, if you want to cancel a paid plan, you can request the cancelation easily without renewing it.

Pros and Cons of Beachbody on Demand Products

Beachbody on Demand comes with several advantages as it is the industry leader in at-home fitness programs.

Pros Explained:

  • It is a unique fitness and weight loss program that allows you to gain fitness with minimum equipment and from the ease of your home.
  • The on-demand fitness classes mean you can access these videos at any time. It means more flexibility and scheduling choices for you.
  • Paid plans also give you access to the BoD community and groups. You can even enjoy BODCast to join an instructor live with a group.
  • Paid plans include 2 nutrition plans with a flexible approach and focus on changing your lifestyle rather than only stressing about the workouts.
  • A unique perspective of BoD is the use of minimum tools and equipment. So, you do not need fancy exercise tools like in a gym.
  • The plan includes a fitness and nutrition tracking program to help you achieve your fitness goals realistically.

Cons Explained:

  • The subscription plans are costly as compared to its competitors and gyms.
  • You need to purchase and store exercise equipment at home.
  • Most advanced fitness programs are included with the BoD and BODi paid plans, for example, the nutrition plans.
  • The free plan may include paid advertisements.
  • It may not be suitable for people looking for a workout or fitness program that using extensive gym equipment.

FAQs on Beachbody on Demand Products and Subscriptions

Let us now briefly answer some commonly asked questions about Beachbody on Demand subscription plans and their offers.

Can I Download and Use BoD Workouts Offline?

You can download and save over 1,500 free workout lessons from the BoD app. The free plan also offers access to these workouts.

How Do I Decide Which Fitness Program is Right for Me?

Each fitness and nutrition program includes a comprehensive guide. If you have signed up for the paid plan, you can ask a coach for free to help you decide the right fitness or nutrition plan for you.

Is there Any Nutrition Content Available?

Yes, the paid subscription plans include two nutrition programs 2BM and Portion Fix.

Are There Any Fitness Programs for Beginners?

Yes, there are fitness and workout plans for customers at every level, including beginners.

Is there Any Fitness Tracking Tool Available?

Yes, you can track your fitness and nutrition goals by using the tracking tool available with the paid BOD and BODi plans.

How Do I Modify or Change My Subscription Plan?

Login to your BOD account first. Then, locate the modify or update membership icon. You can easily upgrade/downgrade your subscription plans from here.

Can I Cancel My Beachbody on Demand Subscription for Free?

You can request membership cancelation before the renewal date by logging in to your BOD account and then sending an online request.