How to Cancel PureGym Membership? The Ultimate Guide

If you are thinking about, How to cancel the PureGym membership? Then here, you will find everything regarding the cancellation of PureGym membership, cancellation, and refund policy.

We know everyone is going through a strenuous routine in this busy world, but our physical and mental health should also be necessary besides all the work. That’s why some organization is providing health club services.

PureGym is one of them, but sometimes, irrespective of all the efforts to make the services incredible, some people want to cancel it.

What is PureGym?

PureGym is a private company in the UK founded in 2009 by Peter Roberts. It is a chain of homely health clubs, and the number of health clubs has reached 294 in 2020.

The headquarter of PureGym are located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and the offices are located in London and Southampton. It has become one of the largest Gyms in Britain.

It has reached over 1 million registered members because of its fantastic facilities. Most of the gyms remain open for 24 hours, and there are over 200 pieces of training equipment in the clubs.

Not only this, but PureGym also provides free training classes to make sure that all the members are doing well. Not only the group glasses PureGym provides, but also it provides personal training classes during the journey of your fitness.

Primarily it has cardio equipment, muscle strengthening, and weight training classes for free. All the health clubs are monitored by real-time TV linked by the security team and ambulance services. Before going to know, How to cancel PureGym membership? Have a look at the cancellation and refund policy.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you are willing to cancel the PureGym, first contact a and tell them that you want to cancel the membership. Keep in mind that you must cancel the subscription within 14 days.

You can cancel your monthly membership at any stage you want. There are no rigid restrictions. Cancel the direct debit with your bank and give 4 working days to your bank to terminate the membership. Your membership will be in force up to the time your next payment is unpaid. You also have the opportunity to freeze your membership if you have bought a monthly direct debit membership.

In a monthly subscription, if your cancellation period time is 14 days, if you cancel the subscription within 14 days, you will refund 100% amount, but if you cancel the subscription after 14 days, you will refund 50%.

If you have bought a plus membership of PureGym, then you cannot freeze your membership. But you cancel the membership at any time, and you will refund 50% of unused membership according to proportionate allocation when your 14 days cancellation period is over.

How to Cancel PureGym Membership?

Despite all the good services and management, some members want to give up for many reasons, but that is not an arduous task. You can cancel the membership in easy steps. Following are the methods that you can use to cancel the  PureGym membership.

How to Cancel Direct Debit Monthly Membership?

If you are a monthly subscriber and want to cancel the membership, then follow the following steps to cancel the membership.

Step 1

Go to the browser and log in to your PureGym Account.

Step 2

Go to your profile tab.

Step 3

Keep scroll down and find the Membership cancellation option.

Step 4

Click on this button.

Step 5

Read all the instructions given and confirm your cancellation.

You will receive the conformational notification after your membership cancellation, and this cancellation process may take 4 working days almost.

Cancellation via Phone Call

If you are not comfortable canceling the membership via the online method, you can also have the option of canceling the membership via phone call. Follow the following steps to cancel the PureGym membership.

Step 1

Call on 03444770005.

Step 2

Tell them that you want to cancel your gym membership.

Step 3

They will ask you the detail about your PureGym account and also related to your payments.

Step 4

Tell them all the information carefully and make sure that you have told account details correctly, especially the account number.

Step 5

They will confirm to you whether you really want to cancel your membership or not. They may also suggest you freeze your membership rather than cancel. If you really want to cancel the membership, then tell them.

You will receive the confirmation email after the cancellation of your membership.

How to Cancel Fixed Membership?

If you are a fixed member and want to cancel the membership, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1

Go to their member service website

Step 2

Tell them that you want to cancel the membership, and they will inform you after the permanent cancellation.

Before knowing how to cancel PureGym membership, look at the subscription plan so that if you are not satisfied with one plan, you can switch to another one.

  1. Off-Peak subscription plan.
  2. Core subscription plan.
  3. Plus subscription plan.

Off-Peak Subscription Plan

  • This plan costs £9.99 and a joining fee.
  • Access is limited to only peak-off hours.
  • You can join fitness classes but only in the peak-off hours.

Core Subscription Plan

  • This plan costs £12.9 + the joining fee.
  • Accessibility is unrestricted, and you can join the gym at any time that suits your routine.
  • You have access to a wide range of training classes, including cycles, legs, bums. You can book 8 classes in advance.
  • You can also multiple access from £2 to additional gyms near your study, home, or work.
  • Bolts are also available in this membership plan; you have to only £3 per month to get access. These bolts include sport water, massage chair, priority booking classes, and body composition scan.

Plus Membership Plan

  • This plan costs £18.99 a month and a joining fee.
  • You can book 16 classes in advance.
  • You can join the gym at any time in the day or night.
  • You can also bring a guest with you four 4 times at no cost.
  • You can freeze your puregym membership for up to 3 months

Reasons of Cancellation of PureGym Membership

  1. People go for cancellation when they are not using the membership anymore.
  2. Members give away when they find another health club better than the PureGym.
  3. When life becomes busier, people have to work more than it is possible to cancel their membership.
  4. When people shift their residential place far from the gym location, they have to cancel the membership.
  5. When people want to spend their money on some other site, they may also cancel their membership.
  6. Sometimes people don’t like the training or services provided by PureGym, so they go for cancellation.

Final Verdict

In short, PureGym is one of the best growing private companies of health clubs. It provides a wide range of subscription plans. It also offers special membership plans for students and also provides personal training during your fitness journey.

But despite all the features some people are not satisfied with their services and want to cancel the membership. This guide will give all the information regarding, How to cancel PureGym membership, and it also includes how you can freeze your membership.