How to Cancel Fit4less Membership? Complete Guide

If you are looking for the complete guide for How to cancel fit4less membership? Then here, you will find the whole process of fit4less membership cancellation and cancel and refund policy.

What would you think if you get a chance to get yourself in perfect shape by only spending as much as a few coffee cups per month?

Yes, definitely you will go for it. Fit4less is a budget gym that remains open 24/7, but the members want to cancel the membership despite all the incredible services.

Let’s Start!

What Is Fit4less?

Fit4less is a budget game located in Canada, and it has over 90 locations across the country. Fit4less was founded in April 2011, and now it has expanded nearly all over Canada. The mission of Fit4less is to provide every person with the opportunity to live a healthy and good life.

The membership charges are very reasonable, and everyone can easily afford them. So if you are living in Canada, you are lucky enough. So let’s first discuss the costs of membership plans.


  • The first and the most concerning benefit is that it is budget-friendly. In my opinion, everyone can afford $12 per month to keep himself fit and healthy.
  • The gym remains open 24/7.
  • You are allowed to choose the gym equipment.


  • The staff is not friendly with customers.
  • The maintenance of equipment is not good.
  • Late and poor response to customer’s email.

Membership Plans of Fit4less

There are mainly 2 membership cards, and this card costs differently on a monthly and weekly basis.   

4Less card

This membership card costs $12 per month, and you get access to all the basic services  at only one location called your “home club.” You can also pay your payment after two weeks then it will cost $5.99.

This membership card does not include the training classes, and you cannot use a massage chair. You also don’t have access to other clubs. You pay $44 for cleanliness also.             

Black Card

This membership card costs $11.99 for 2 weeks, and you get access to all of the services and also get additional benefits such as:

  • Free training
  • Free gym bag
  • Unlimited massage chair use
  • Unlimited Hydromassage bed use.
  • Free t-shirt
  • Cooler drinks on ½ price.

You also get the opportunity to share your card with your family and friends, which is very good to hear. You get access to all the 90 locations of Fit4less, and this service in the black card is very convenient for the members. In this membership, also you pay $44 for gym cleanliness.

But despite all the excellent service and equipment at the reasonable membership plans compared to other gyms, the members want to cancel the fit4less membership. So let’s discuss, How to cancel Fit4less membership?

Cancel and Refund Policy

Before going to leave the gym, you have to give a 30 days cancellation notice first. Then they will process your cancellation.

If you are not a contracted member, so that is good if you want to cancel now. Because they refund you the extra payment you have made, this process will take about 5 business days.

But if you are a contracted member, the cancellation may be frustrating because they will not refund you your extra payments. You will also have to pay for the remaining 6 months if you were a one-year contracted member and cancel membership after 6 months.

How to Cancel Fit4less Membership?

If you have decided to cancel the Fit4less membership, you can use any of them to cancel the membership.

How To Cancel Fit4less Membership Via In-Person?

You simply cancel your membership in 3 simple steps.

  1. Go to your home club.
  2. Talk to the management and tell them that you want to cancel your membership.
  3. Tell them all the information related to your account and payments.
  4. If you have a balance to pay, then first pay it.
  5. Then they will cancel your membership.
  6. After the successful cancellation of membership, they will inform you as soon as possible.

How to Cancel through a Phone Call?

You can also cancel the membership by just making a phone call. Follow the following steps to cancel the Fit4less membership.

  1. First of all, make a phone call according to your location.
  2. Tell the customer service agent that you don’t want to continue the membership.
  3. Tell the representative all the details that they will ask you.
  4. The agent will make sure that you really want to cancel the membership.
  5. After confirmation, they will cancel your membership.
  6. After successful cancellation, you will receive a confirmation email.

How to Cancel Membership by Sending Email?

You can also cancel the membership by sending an email. Follow the steps listed below

  1. Go to email.
  2. Write a request letter.
  3. Write all the necessary detail related to your account and payments record.
  4. They will contact you and will confirm the cancellation.
  5. After successfully canceling the Fit4less membership, you will receive an email that will confirm the cancellation.

How to Cancel by a message?

Don’t worry if you have tried the two methods mentioned above, but no one is working due to some technical problem. You can also use this method, and that is so simple.

Follow the steps listed below to cancel the membership by sending a message.

  1. Go to your browser.
  2. Search social media websites of Fit4less such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  3. Write a message and request that you cancel the membership and mention the name and email you used to make the account on Fit4less.
  4. They will consider your request, and after getting back to you, they will confirm your cancellation decision.
  5. After successful cancellation, a conformational cancellation message will be sent to you.

How to Cancel a Contracted Gym Membership?

Unfortunately, if you have contracted for one year and now want to cancel the membership after 6 months, you have to pay for the left 6 months. They will not refund you for the next 6 months you have not spent in their gym.

Reasons Of Cancellation Of Fit4less Membership

  • When people achieve all the fitness goals for joining the gym, they decide to leave the gym. Who else would like to pay when he achieve his fitness goals? This is the major reason for the cancellation of membership.
  • The other reason for cancellation is that most gym locations are forced to close, so people prefer to cancel their membership.
  • After joining, some members realize that paying $44 for cleanliness is too much, so they cancel the membership.
  • Sometimes members don’t like the services they provide, so they simply cancel.

Final Verdict

Fit4less is a pretty good fitness platform that provides all the basic and premium services and considers your ease, such as timing and location, that you can easily manage.

Despite all these convenient services, all the customers are not happy, and they don’t want to continue the gym anymore and want to know, How to cancel Fit4less membership? In this guide, you will get all the information regarding canceling the membership and cancel and refund policy.