Is Unacademy Plus Subscription Worth It?

The educational scene for the Indian audience was greatly evolved by the initiative of Unacademy after 2015. However, the pandemic has changed the perspective entirely as the closure of schools, colleges, and universities resulted in catastrophic situations. In the times like this, Unacademy and other online learning platforms were blessing in disguise. They came forward to provide the Indian students with a sustainable solution that is unaffected by any pandemic, lockdowns, etc.

For all the good reasons, we’re going to review the Unacademy Plus subscription of the platform. We’ve carefully analyzed and reviewed the content shared on the platform, user reviews, and feedback to curate this article for you. This article will be a comprehensive piece to address all the queries and doubts about the Unacademy Plus subscription’s comprehensiveness and whether it is the true value for money. Let’s dive into the features, content, benefits, and downsides of Unacademy and Unacademy Plus without any further ado.

What Is Unacademy?

Unacademy is an educational platform committed to providing top-notch education and guidance to students from different fields across India and the globe. Unacademy is an Indian-based platform changing the education industry for all the right reasons.

Headquartered in Banglore, the company has been providing education to all India’s near and far places since 2015 as a privately held company. Gaurav Munjal, the founder of Unacademy, never knew he was going to start such a big initiative when he started his YouTube channel back in 2010 to help his student fellows.

Gaurav Munjal was an engineering student, and he started the platform by uploading a short tutorial on computer graphics. The hobby was turned into a business that has become a business having worth $2.0 billion.

There are a lot of big names working to help students through the platform of Unacademy. The names include Kiran Bedi, who is the first woman IPS officer of India. The company claims, ‘We are India’s largest learning platform.’ The platform has a monthly viewership of 2 million as per their claim.

About Unacademy History And Evolution

As mentioned earlier, the initiative of Unacademy was the personal act of Gaurav Manjul that turned into a profit-making business. He created a YouTube channel named Unacademy to upload a Graphic tutorial with his friends and class-fellows.

After a positive response about the first tutorial, he made a stream of videos and started updating the content on a regular basis. He never gave up on his channel despite graduating and landing a job as a software engineer at Directi. Later on, he started his first company Flat, but he also sold it.

His tutorials were still there when a friend, Roman Saini, suggested uploading more content in other niches like cracking civil services exams. Munjal, who had started a new company, Sorting Hat Technologies, along with Hemesh Singh, welcomed Roman, a doctor by qualification and an IAS officer by profession. This trio transformed the YouTube channel into an online platform aiming to become the leading educational platform across India and the world.

As of 2017, the platform had been enriched with 1.5 lac tutorials and 20 million views. There are currently 12000 educators associated with the platform and committed to teaching hundreds of thousands of students.

What Does It Offer?

Regardless of your subject or grade, you can get educational content from expert educators that is enlightening and informative. If we break down the content offered across the platform, there is almost no limit to it. For the ease of students, the creators of this platform have bifurcated the content into different categories and sub-categories. Here are the broader categories of the subjects and niches covered on the platform:

Study Materials

Following the Unacademy YouTube channel’s essence, most of the platform is about the study materials for students and aspirants of different fields. They have targeted the competitive exam aspirants and high-school students and created the following two categories: Competition exams and preparing for board exams of grades 6 to 12.

Competitive Exams

The most popular national entry test is NEET UG which all students passing out from high school have to take to secure university admission. The platform has taken this initiative to facilitate the competitive exams’ aspirants from all over India to have uniform access to resources and information that matters. There are many other induction competitive exams, and here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Govt Exams(Bank, railway, SSC, etc.)
  • Defense Exams
  • State PSC
  • NET Exam
  • NEET Post Graduate(PG)
  • GATE, ITT-JAM, and ESE
  • Teaching Exams
  • CAT and MBA Entrance Tests
  • JEE and NEET

Class 6 to 12

Unacadmey has curated up-to-date content for high school students. You don’t have to get separate tuition or coaching classes in physical settings when Unacademy offers everything virtually without the need to visit physical classes.

Foreign Exams

There are many foreign exams and international certifications that you can attempt after preparing through the platform of Unacademy. Some of the popular exams and certifications are:

  • CA
  • CMA

And a lot more

Live Classes

Live classes are the best feature of the Unacademy because students can learn interactively by communicating with their instructors and guides. Students can ask questions, share ideas, clear doubts, and answer the live polls during daily live classes. The teachers are available 24/7 to facilitate their students and help them in problem-solving.

Practice And Mock Tests

Practices make a man perfect.

Unacademy is living this golden rule and provides its students with a facility to take as many mock tests and practice sessions as possible. Because they believe you only learn and preserve when you do it repeatedly. After all, success comes from repeating good habits every day.

Unlimited Access At Any Time

When you buy the subscription of Unacademy and get access to the educational content, live classes, and mock tests, it opens the door of unlimited access to all the content. Therefore, you can get back to your studies anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Learning App

Unacademy also has an interactive mobile learning app that saves you from the hassle of assessing the platform through a browser or desktop.

Who Is It For?

When this question is concerned, it’s for anyone who wants to learn without sacrificing freedom. You can choose your own time to take classes, 1-to-1 interactive sessions with your instructors let you clear your doubts, mock tests and quizzes are best for practice, and the healthy community of students is always there to help you.

In other words, Unacademy is a good fit for anyone who wants to learn at his/her own pace or does not have access to physical education resources. The platform has removed the difference between privileged & unprivileged by taking quality education to every corner of the country.

Subscription And Plans

The platform is offering two subscriptions, the Iconic subscription being the premium one. We will discuss features of both subscriptions besides the cost of subscribing.

Iconic Subscription

It includes the features like 1:1 live interaction with the educators and instructors, physical notes, doubt solving exercises, well-structured courses, etc. The cost of getting the Iconic subscription is INR 5417 per month if you choose 12-month billing. However, the costs can be reduced by choosing 18 months billing or 2 years billing.

Unacademy Plus

Unacademy Plus subscription is the basic one that lets you unlock the following features:

  • India’s best educators available for guidance and learning
  • Live classes provide an interactive interface of learning
  • Well-structured courses and PDFs
  • Live tests and quizzes.

The cost of subscribing to the Unacademy Plus package is INR 2567 per month for a 24 months subscription. However, if you choose to have 30 months or 42 months subscription, the cost is reduced to INR 2200/mo and INR 1822/mo, respectively.

Structured Courses

By carefully analyzing the learning objectives, course outlines, and market parallels, structured courses are developed to guide the students. These courses help students learn things through a proper methodology that makes them more analytical thinkers than crammers.

Interactive Classes

 Students residing in remote areas with no access to educational resources, competitive exam aspirants, etc., can easily join the virtual yet interactive classes. The goal of classes is the learning of students.

Live Tests and Quizzes

Live tests and quizzes help the student to overcome any deficiencies and polish the knowledge he has learned from the content. The tests are formatted to meet the standards of national tests that most students are preparing for.


Here are the most enticing features and pros of Unacademy Plus Subscription

  • Interactive classes and educational forums
  • Best instructors and well-developed courses & content
  • A lot of success stories on the credit of the platform
  • Learn without the barriers of timing and schedule
  • It’s a value for money, and you get what you pay for


Some of the downsides of Unacadey are as follows:

  • You can’t get free access to any of the content until and unless you’ve purchased a subscription.
  • You might have experienced a data breach reported by the company in the past when over 11000 user profiles were compromised, and data was leaked.

Final Verdict: Is Unacademy Plus Subscription Worth It?

Our final verdict is 100% in favor of the Unacademy Plus subscription. You can subscribe to the Unacademy Plus subscription at a very reasonable price to support your future education, preparation, etc. Anyone who wants to get useful information and educational content from the top educators of India without visiting physically, it’s a great value for money.