Is HP Ink Worth It? All Important Reasons You Should Know

Either you are a regular printer user for taking the printouts of your university assignments or into the business where printing work is frequent, the costs can go up significantly. HP printers are unquestionably one of the most popular and reliable printing devices available in the market. You might want to go with HP printers or choose another brand, but the real cost-increasing factor is not the brand.

Instead, the regular expense that can spur up your budget deficit is the cost of printer ink. You might be looking for a sustainable solution that controls the costs of printing without compromising your work. HP Instant ink is one option offered directly by the HP company that lets you get a monthly subscription of ink according to your requirements.

But is it actually a worth-money subscription?

This article will cover everything about HP Ink that you must know before subscribing and is worth the money. So let’s get into it.

What Is HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant  Ink, as advertised by Hewlett Packard, is a smart ink solution and toner subscription service that promises the customers delivery of ink in an amount that they need at a cost lower than the market by up to 50%.

However, there is a catch!

In order to get an HP Ink subscription, you must own a compatible model of HP Printer that supports instant ink. Besides, the HP Instant ink is not as instant as the name implies. Instead, the shipping times can become frustrating when you’re ordering just when you’ve run out of your ink.

Who Can Subscribe To HP Ink?

It is an important question to ask before you decide to spend your hard-earned dollars on subscribing to HP Instant Ink.

Besides having a compatible model of HP printer, there are other things to consider too.

If you’re someone who has printing needs that includes text documents, images, photos, etc., then the subscription service is going to be a good deal. Regular users can be at a great advantage if they go for a monthly subscription.

What Is Included In Subscription?

Let’s talk about what is included in the subscription plans offered by HP.

Total five subscription plans are offered according to printing needs, toner-based printers, and compatible ink printers. You must know your exact monthly needs of printing before you choose a subscription plan.

The description of ink plans and toner plans are as follow:

Ink Plans

The cost of 15 pages per month is $0.99

The cost of 50 pages per month is $2.99

The cost of 100 pages per month is $4.99

The cost of 300 pages per month is $11.99

The cost of 700 pages per month is $24.99

Toner Plans

The cost of 50 pages per month is $1.99

The cost of 100 pages per month is $3.99

The cost of 400 pages per month is $13.99

The cost of 800 pages per month is $19.99

The cost of 1500 pages per month is $25.99

We will also guide you on which subscription will be suitable for you according to your needs.

If you’re a student or want a printer for your home, the intermediate plan of 100 pages per month will be a good deal for you. However, small businesses and homes with frequent printing requirements can go for upper-end subscription plans.

The best thing about the HP Ink Subscription is that you can downgrade your plan if you feel that the chosen plan exceeds your requirements.

How Does It Work

You might decide to subscribe to HP Ink, but it will be better if you know how does it work before actually getting it.

The monthly subscription allows you to print a maximum limit of pages as allowed by your specific plan. You don’t have to shop it on your own, and you can also save money with this subscription. Once you’ve assessed your printing patterns and monthly needs, you choose a specific plan. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan when you feel that your requirements are changing.

How Does Ordering HP Ink Work?

When you’re running low on ink cartridges, you are sent new ones. This saves you from the hassle of stockpiling ink or toner. Your printer automatically notifies HP to remind you when it’s time to send new ink cartridges.

What Happen With Leftover Pages?

What if you have printed fewer pages than allowed in your subscription plan. The best thing about HP Instant Ink is that the unused pages are rolled over to your next month. For instance, if you have chosen the plan of 100 pages per month but you’ve used only 80 pages, the next billing cycle will give you the freedom of printing 120 pages.

 What If I Need More Than Allotted Pages?

The printing needs might change, and the demand might surge up. In the case when your allotted pages are exhausted, and it is occasional, you don’t have to upgrade your plan. Instead, you always have the option of buying extra ink on a per-page basis.

How To Get Started?

You might be excited by now to know about the HP Instant Ink subscription and getting started. So let’s get into how to start your subscription.

You have to log on to to enroll in your subscription plan. When you sign up for the subscription plan, HP will send you a Welcome Kit that comprises your first instant ink cartridges. You won’t be billed until the end of the month when you install your Welcome Cartridges.

If you’re just buying a new printer, you might get an option to subscribe to HP Instant Ink. The HP software in your laptop, desktop, or phone lets you handle all maintenance, connections, and other printer functions.

Reasons To Subscribe

There are many reasons why you should subscribe to HP ink besides the convenience.  The top reasons include:

  • Your printer automatically prompt when you’re running out of ink
  • Freedom of colored prints
  • Money-Saving
  • Environment Friendly
  • Consistent Print Quality
  • Continuous HP Support

Upsides Of HP Instant Ink

Let’s discuss some positive highlights of HP Instant Ink.

  • HP Instant ink is a great deal for anyone having consistent printing needs. You don’t have to spend extra money on stockpiling ink when you don’t need it. Besides, you get genuine HP ink for HP printers.
  • The unused pages in one month are rolled over to the next month’s allotted quote that is a great highlight.
  • You have the freedom to print as many colored prints as you want. The subscription plan lets you both color and black print without any discrimination.
  • The process of reordering new ink cartridges is very easy and convenient. An automatic prompt is generated by the printer when it is running low on ink.
  • The print quality of the pages is consistent and great, unlike the cheaper inks.

Downsides Of HP Instant Ink

However, HP Instant ink has some downsides that you must know before going for the deal.

  • Either you are printing one sentence on a page or a page filled with text, the printer will read it as one page. As a result, your ink subscription allotted pages might get exhausted earlier than expected.
  • Since new cartridges are shipped only when you’re running low on ink, it can be exhausting to wait for the arrival of ink if you’ve printing need between the order placing and shipment delivery.
  • Internet connectivity is necessary to access the printer ink you’ve paid for. The slower internet will cause problems for you.
  • Once you have subscribed to the HP Instant, you cannot switch to other cheaper options of ink refills.
  • You totally rely on HP Support if any problem arises.

Final Verdict: Is HP Instant Ink Worth It?

HP Instant Ink service provides you with cost-effective printouts with a top-notch and consistent quality. HP ink solution is a cost-saving and convenient solution that saves you from the hassle of shopping around and collecting the ink piles from fear of running out of ink. Therefore, if you are an HP printer owner compatible with HP Instant Ink, the monthly subscription offers a lot.