Is ESO Subscription Worth it? The Ultimate Guide and Cancelation Include

The Elder Scroll Online (ESO) is the gaming platform that is part of the elder series scroll, and the game is set in the area of the Tamriel. But all the areas are not available. Eso has basic and monthly subscriptions, so before going to subscribe, you should know, is ESO subscription worth it?

Here I have discussed its gameplay, development, and features that will help you decide. Furthermore, this guide has all the content and settings guide for the users.

What is ESO?

ESO stands for Elder Scroll Online, and it is the online multiplayer gaming platform developed by ZeniMax Online Studio and Bethesda Softworks.

It was developed seven years ago but was released in April 2016. The available platform for this Elder series is Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Stadia.

The content is updated and expanded regularly, and that’s why it has reached above 15 million sold copies and 2.5 million paid subscribers.

A player can play this game series online and with another player because an offline single-player mode is not available.

Is ESO Subscription Worth it?

First, you know about its subscription plans and the content you accessed by subscription, and whether is ESO subscription worth it or not.

Let’s start!

Free week of ESO

When you make an account on ESO, this will offer you a free week in which you can test whether you want a paid subscription or not.

One-Time Purchase:

In an essential version subscription, you pay one time only and get access to all the essential content available.

One-Month Paid Subscription

You can also select the only pay for a one-month plan to wait for the subsequent free trial. But this is ridiculously expensive, and you cannot communicate with outside people.

Monthly Paid Subscription

The additional content such as chapters and DLCs can be assessed by monthly subscription. You have to pay about $15 monthly to access the wide range of playable content. This is also called Plus ESO membership.

When you select the monthly package, it seems expensive for some users, but when you choose the plan of three, six, or twelve-month, the rate goes down, and you can save your money.

Month plan costs around $15 per month

Three Month Plan costs amount to $41.97 for three months but $13.99 per month.

Six Month Plan costs around $77.94 for six months and $89.94 per month

Twelve Month Plan costs amount to $140.04 for twelve months and $11.68 per month

See the latest price here. It might be up or down.

Benefits of Plus ESO

Following are the valuable benefits and features that ESO offers to its paid subscribers, and you can guess from them if an ESO subscription is worth it.

DLC Content

Plus, ESO gives access to DLC Content to its subscriber except for Blackwood. But you can get every other DLC content, including Blackwood’s dungeons.

When you get access to the DLC content, then you can look forward to the following areas.

  1. Zones: Wrothgar, Hew’s Bane, Gold Coast, Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, Summerset, Artaeum, Murkmire, Northern and Southern Elsweyr, Western Skyrim, and The Reach
  2. Dungeons: White-Gold Tower, Imperial City Prison, Cradle of Shadows, Ruins of Mazzatun, Bloodroot Forge, Falkreath Hold, Scalecaller Peak, Fang Lair, Moon Hunter Keep, March of Sacrifices, Frostvault, Depths of Malabar, Moongrave Fane, Lair of Maarselok, Unhallowed Grave, Icereach, Castle Thorn, Stone Garden, The Cauldron, Blake Drake Villa, (Dread Cellar and Red Petal Bastian come out on August 23rd for PC/Mac/Stadia, and August 31st for Xbox/Playstation). 
  3. Arenas: Maelstrom Arena, Blackrose Prison, Vateshrawn Hollows
  4. Trials: Maw of Lorkhaj, Halls of Fabrication, Asylum Sanctorium, Cloudrest, Sunspire, Kyne’s Aegis, Rockgrove.

Depending upon which subscription plan you choose, you already have some DLC unlocked, but in this case, you will get access to 44 areas mentioned above.

Crafting Bag

It is the top benefit of ESO plus subscription. Inventory management is critical if you want to enjoy the game. A craft bag is the central part of gamers’ inventory, and it does not occupy any space, but it can store an unlimited amount of crafty materials.

While carrying a craft bag, you only need to pick up the things, and they are automatically sent to the bag. It is only accessible with a paid subscription.

Increased Bank Space

When you start the game, you are provided with 60 bank spaces that fill up very quickly if you don’t have a craft bag. To make the space in the bank, you pay the gold to the bank, and you can get up to 240 slots in the bank.

But when you join the membership, whatever amount of space you have, it is double. In ESO plus membership, beginners get 120 slots, and veterans can get up to 480 slots to keep their inventory. There is no need to fiddle to make space for new things.


In ESO plus subscription, players can make their home look like what they want. And this is possible because of the customization of the ESO Plus subscription feature.

In this paid subscription, furniture replacement limits are increased so that you can customize your house according to your desire.

You can also dye your costume, hats, outfit parts, and even armor by using the costume dyeing feature. These changes in dyes last even after your subscription ends, and it is good to hear.

In ESO Plus subscription room limit available for furniture replacement is doubled.


Whatever subscription plan you buy, you get 1650 crowns per month. If you buy a yearly subscription, you get 19,800 crowns right away.

These crowns are used to buy some cosmetics items, including experience scrolls and horse training lessons.

Experience Boosts

When you subscribe to the ESO Plus, you gain 10% experience that helps you level up your character and get champion points over time.

You also get a 10% bonus for crafting research, and as a result, you don’t need to spend time researching the weapons’ traits. This feature fastens your ability to choose a higher level of craftable things.

Cons of ESO Plus subscription

  • Automatic renewal if you don’t remember to cancel before the time.
  • You continue to gain crowns even if you are not playing the game.
  • You cannot pull out the things when your subscription ends.

There are a number of steps to need to follow to cancel your ESO Plus membership on a PC/Mac account:

  1. First, you need to log into your ESO account using this link:
  2. Then you need to select Manage Membership which is located in the “Account Summary” section, see the picture below, on the left-hand side.
Credit to
  1. After that, you need to select Cancel Membership and then click Please cancel my membership to confirm.
    • In case you do not see this option, your ESO Plus membership might be managed through another platform or Steam (see the guidance below).
  2. If it is successfully canceled, a banner will appear at the top of the page to confirm that the recurring membership is no longer active.
  3. You should also see the account status “Cancelled”.
  4. You will also receive an e-mail from The Elder Scrolls Online confirming the successful cancellation.

You already know how to cancel your ESO Plus membership on a PC/Mac. Now, let’s see how could you cancel your account in.


  1. First, all you need to do is to open your Steam and you have to make sure that you are logged into your account with the membership.
  2. If in case you are using the Desktop Version of Steam, you will need to select your Username which is located on the top right corner of the Steam client, and then  you need to select Account Details
    • In Big Picture mode, click on the Gear Icon, then Account and then View Account Details
    • Alternatively, you can log into the Steam website. Click here.
  3. Under Store & Purchase History, on the right side of the page, click Manage Subscriptions.
  4. Click the Edit link on the right next to “The Elder Scrolls Online: Plus Membership”.
  5. Select the button next to Cancel my subscription and click Apply.
  6. You’ll see a message advising it has been canceled and it will have the word “Cancelled” under the “Next Billing Date” column.


You can view and manage your ESO Plus membership on the Stadia Website or through the Stadia app. You can read further details on how to update/cancel your membership on the Stadia Help website here.

Xbox/PlayStation accounts

You can manage your ESO Plus membership for PlayStation and Xbox through the consoles themselves, not through the ESO account site.

We recommend that you contact either Microsoft or Sony Customer Support (depending on your respective platform); click the links below for more information about how to cancel an ESO Plus membership on each console:

You can find the detail here.

Final verdict

Now come to the main subject of our discussion, is the ESO subscription worth it? So the answer is yes. You are limited with the inventory early, and by subscribing to ESO Plus, you can get many things and features, including free crowns, DLC content, Craft bag, increased bank space, and experience boosts.

When you subscribe to it, you get a smoother and complete version, increasing your interest in the game.