How to Cancel WhoEasy Subscription?- The Ultimate Guide

If you don’t want to continue the WhoEasy subscription, you must be looking for How to cancel WhoEasy subscription? Here you will get all the guidelines regarding the WhoEasy cancellation, refund policy, and pros and cons.

If you are tired of receiving calls from scammers, fraudsters, and wrong numbers so don’t worry. Now you can know about the owner of the wrong number by using WhoEasy services, but sometimes the users are not satisfied with it and go to search, how to cancel WhoEasy subscription?

Let’s start!

What is WhoEasy?

There is no need to worry about minor issues like when someone is trying to blackmail you or trying to prank you by making a call with an unknown number. Because by subscribing to WhoEasy, you can check the background history of the owner of the wrong number.

WhoEasy is an online company that was founded in September 2014 as a subservient of Reya, LLC. WhoEasy is the search engine that uses public data and records to find the person’s location and identity behind the wrong number. The personal information includes his name, organization, other related phone numbers, physical address, banking, and other criminality.

Using it, you can save your children and yourself from the fraudsters and pranksters for a safe side. But there are many issues about the billing and subscription plans, so people decide how to cancel WhoEasy subscription?

How to Cancel WhoEasy Subscription?

There are many reasons for the cancellation of the WhoEasy subscription. The main reason is unauthorized charges from the company, so people don’t want to continue the subscription. there are the following methods that a user can use to cancel the subscription

Cancellation of WhoEasy Subscription through Online Account

If you want to cancel the subscription via an online method, then you can use this method. Follow the steps listed below to cancel your subscription.

  1. Go to your web browser.
  2. Log in to your WhoEasy account.
  3. Click on the My account option.
  4. Go to the Membership Type.
  5. Click on the Change plan button.
  6. Select the Cancel Membership option.

After the successful cancellation of your membership, you will get informed later.

Cancellation of WhoEasy Subscription Via Phone Call

The other easy methods are to make a call and request them to cancel your membership. Follow are the steps to cancel the WhoEasy Subscription via phone call.

  1. Contact the customer service support by making a phone call at 888-744-0149.
  2. Tell them that you don’t want to continue the subscription anymore.
  3. Request them to cancel your subscription.
  4. Give all the details related to your account and subscription plan when they ask.
  5. The customer service agent will confirm with you whether you want to cancel the subscription or not.
  6. After the cancellation, they will inform you later.

If you are requesting to cancel the account via phone call, there may be the possibility that you would have to wait for the response.

Cancellation of WhoEasy Subscription through Email

You can also cancel the subscription by sending the email to their official website. The steps required to send the email are listed below.

  1. Compose an email and request to them that you want to cancel the WhoEasy subscription.
  2. The subject of the email must be Termination of Account.
  3. Your email must include your first name, last name, the email you use to make the account, your account details.
  4. Send this email to
  5. After the successful cancellation, they will send you the conformational email of your subscription cancellation.
  6. Safe this confirmation email or number as proof.

Cancellation of WhoEasy Subscription Through DoNotPay

You can also cancel the subscription by using the DoNotPay app. DoNotPay is a legit app that safe you from theft websites that charge you unauthorized. You can cancel the unwanted website memberships with a few clicks through DoNotPay.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to the DoNotPay website.
  3. Log in to your account on DoNotPay.
  4. Find the Hidden Money Option.
  5. Enter the WhoEasy name in the service bar which subscription you want to cancel.

You will receive a notification from the DoNotPay after the successful cancellation of service within 48 hours.

Worth of DoNotPay Virtual Card

You can save yourself from the website that charges the users for no reason. You can generate a DoNotPay virtual credit card with the credit number that you can use to sign up for the website to enjoy the free trials. The generator verifies the account details and does not let the websites charge you for the free trials they claim.

Methods That Cannot be Used

These are the following methods that the user cannot use to cancel the WhoEasy Subscription.

  1. The user cannot request to cancel the subscription via live chat. They don’t support it.
  2. You cannot cancel the subscription by sending a letter to them.
  3. You cannot cancel the subscription in person.

Refund Policy

WhoEasy doesn’t have a sensible refund policy when the customer asks for a refund. They only refund $10, and that isn’t very pleasant and unfair. This is the reason for which people go for cancellation.

Reasons for Subscription Cancellation

Unauthorized Charges

The users of WhoEasy proclaim that they receive unauthorized charges from the WhoEasy company, which is not fair. According to the customers, the company told the consumer that they had subscribed for a membership, but they didn’t have to subscribe for the membership.

Fictitious Reviews

Fictitious reviews about the billing and refund policy are the worst because they attract the users to subscribe, but they start getting overcharged when they subscribe.

Poor response to consumers

The customer service support responds to the consumer complaints poorly. They did not resolve the customer complaints, and that badly affected the company’s reputation.

Not trustworthy

WhoEasy is not trustworthy because you cannot rely upon this website if you are conscious about privacy.

 Limited Information

They don’t reveal all the ownership details as they claim, which is the primary reason for cancellation because people don’t find it helpful.

Free trials complaints

The free trails are not free at all. The consumer starts getting charged for free trials also, and this is very unethical.


  • Easy to use and fast.
  • Free trials are available
  • The reasonable prices of the subscription.


  • Unauthorized charges of free trials and subscriptions.
  • Not trustworthy.
  • Fake reviews of the users.
  • They overcharged credit cards.

Final Verdict

In short, WhoEasy is the company that provides the background history of the owner of the wrong number. But in reality, the service is not like that there are many issues including billing of subscription and free trials, privacy issues, limited information of the owner and the pathetic refund policy and there are a lot of complaints of the users but despite all the complains its rating is hight, and that makes this company services and policies suspicious, so after the bad experience, people go to search, how to cancel WhoEasy subscription. In this guide, you will get the complete guide regarding the cancellation of the WhoEasy subscription.