How to Cancel IPSY Subscription? The Ultimate Guide

If you are worried about, How to cancel IPSY Subscription? Here you will find all the guidance regarding the IPSY subscription cancellation and cancel and refund policy, its subscription plans, and working.

Everyone wants to look glamorous in this world, and our makeup and skincare products preferences matter a lot. But most people don’t have enough time to evaluate which products will go best for their skin. IPSY has solved this problem.

You only once solve the quiz related to your skin tone, skin type, and hair color, and you start getting boxes of suited products. But sometimes, customers are not happy with the services and want to know how to cancel an IPSY subscription.

What is IPSY?  

IPSY is a California company founded by Michelle Phan, Marcelo Camberos, Jeniffer Jaconetti Goldfarb in 2011. IPSY is an organization that provides monthly subscription services to subscribers and offers makeup boxes that contain 5 travel-sized products. These products include skin products, hair products, makeup products, perfumes, and nail products.

Phan and other associated vloggers play a crucial role in promoting the IPSY subscriptions by making videos that motivate people to take care of their skin and body. They also tell the subscription services in their videos.

Before subscribing, you solve a quiz where you enter your skin type, skin tone, hair texture, hair color, and the beauty brands and products you prefer to add to your box. You receive monthly beauty boxes on your doorstep.

Despite all the efforts and providing comfort to their customers, some subscribers are not satisfied with IPSY services and look for How to cancel IPSY subscription? Let’s discuss the cancellation methods.

How to Cancel IPSY Subscription?

IPSY has reached over 3 million subscribers, but there are also complaints of users on different forums. If you are one of the disappointed subscribers, don’t worry; you can cancel the subscription using the following methods.

Cancellation of IPSY Subscription through Website

Follow the instructions to cancel your IPSY subscription

Step 1

Go to the web browser.

Step 2

Log in to your account at IPSY.

Step 3

Go to the Account section and click on the edit account settings.

Step 4

Click on the membership button.

Step 5

Go to manage membership.

Step 6

Click on Help Me Stop My Membership.

Step 7

A pop-up will appear to ask about skipping a month; if you only want to cancel the subscription, ignore it and press the Continue Cancellation button.

Step 8

The survey will appear. Please fill it out and enter the reason for your cancellation.

Step 9

Click on the confirm button.

Step 10

Now you will receive an email containing a link. Click on this link to confirm the cancellation. Make sure that you first log in to your IPSY account and then click on the link in the email to confirm your cancellation.

Cancellation of Subscription via DoNotPay

If you are facing the problem of canceling the subscription using the above method, you can cancel the subscription by using DoNotPay App.

Following are the steps

Step 1

Open the web browser and visit DoNotPay.

Step 2

Login to your DoNotPay account.

Step 3

Click on the Hidden Find Money.

Step 4

In the service section, enter the service which subscription you want to cancel.

DoNotPay will cancel the subscription within 48 hours, and you will receive the confirmation email after the successful cancellation.

How to Cancel IPSY Refreshment Subscriptions?

If you have subscribed for IPSY refreshment membership and do not want to continue the membership,

Here is the step by step guideline

Step 1

Log in to your IPSY account.

Step 2

Click the view membership option under the refreshment.

Step 3

Click on stop my membership.

Step 4

A pop-up will appear to ask about pausing the membership, but ignore it if you only want to cancel the subscription.

Step 5

Click on “Continue Cancellation.”

Step 6

You will receive an email containing the link. Click on this link to finalize the subscription cancellation.

How to Pause IPSY Subscription?

But there is also another option if you think that after some time, you can change your mind and again go for the subscription so you can pause your subscription also. You can pause your subscription for:

  • One month
  • Two month
  • Three month

Follow the steps listed below to pause your IPSY subscription.

Step 1

Log in to your IPSY account.

Step 2

Go to the account menu item.

Step 3

Click on the Edit membership option under general.

Step 4

Click on the Membership option under the profile picture.

Step 5

Click on manage membership.

Step 6

Click on the Pause button to skip the delivery of beauty boxes.

Cancel and Refund Policy

When you go for cancellation and fill the survey, the support team sends you an email to confirm the cancellation, and you have to click on the link by 12 pm on the last day of your month.

But if you don’t click on the link before 12 pm on the last day of your month, then your cancellation will not proceed, and your subscription for the next month will be renewed.

If you have subscribed for other active memberships, then you will have to cancel them separately.

IPSY doesn’t offer a refund policy. If you cancel your annual subscription, you will get your beauty boxes for the rest of the months, but your next subscription will not renew after the cancellation.

But IPSY offers a good replacement policy within 48 days after the shipment date. If you get something damaged or broken in your parcel, IPSY management will replace me with the other products.

Methods That Cannot Be Used For Cancellation

  • You cannot cancel the subscription by sending an email to their official email address.
  • You cannot cancel your email by contacting me in person.
  • The IPSY subscription cannot be canceled via Phone call.

Problems during Subscription Cancellation

The significant problem people face during the cancellation is that the website won’t allow them to cancel the subscription.

The solution to this problem is a direct message on the IPSY Twitter account to request the cancellation, and the other option is to contact the help center. They will guide you about the problem you are facing.

Reason for IPSY Subscription Cancellation

  • People go for cancellation when they don’t want to receive the products anymore.
  • Customers cancel the subscription when they find the other service platform better than IPSY.
  • The main reason for cancellation is the users don’t want to spend the money on their beauty products.
  • Poor response of customer services agents and sometimes the broken products in the parcel make the customers’ minds cancel the IPSY subscription.

Final Verdict

In short, Ipsy provides you with the best beauty boxes at your doorstep. The mission of this company is self-expression and self-discovery.

You get personalized beauty products of the best quality at reasonable prices every month without inverting your time to search a lot of brands, prices, and quality.

But despite all the services, Ipsy provides, some users go for, How to cancel IPSY subscription? You find the complete guide of cancellation of general and refreshment subscription and refund policy in this guide.