How to Cancel the Athletic Subscription?- The Ultimate Guide

You do not want to keep the athletic subscription anymore, or it does not cover your favorite league. It is better to cancel their subscription. How to cancel the athletic subscription?

Here I have discussed the process of canceling the subscription step by step, and some other queries are also discussed.

Let us start reading!

What is The Athletic?

It is one of the best services for people who love sports as they do coverage of almost every game. Baseball, football, soccer, hockey, college sports, fantasy sports, sports media coverage.

Moreover, they have both national and local writers; thus, they write amazing views. You can read articles on a league you like the most and reviews on other sports.

What do you get with a Subscription?

Following are the perks of the Athletic

In-Depth Story-Telling

They have the top most writer who writes reviews on different leagues. Thus you enjoy the league very much, and you will love reading their reviews after watching the whole sports.

You can read the reviews of the following people on the following games

  1. Baseball writers like Ken Rosenthal & Jayson Stark
  2. Basketball writers like Shams Charania & David Aldridge
  3. Football writers like Jay Glazer & Michael Lombardi
  4. Hockey writers Pierre LeBrun & Katie Strang
  5. Soccer writers like Michael Cox and Oliver Kay
  6. College Football writers Stewart Mandel & Bruce Feldman
  7. College Basketball writers like Seth Davis & Dana O’Neil
  8. Sports media writers like Richard Deitsch

Live Q and A Session with Writer

Best of all, premium users can have a bit of chit-chat with the writers. Thus, if you want to interact with them and chat, you must get a subscription to The Athletic.

You can ask them different questions and know little exciting facts. Thus you will enjoy the game more.

No Ads

Nothing will disturb you when you watch streaming as it is ads-free. So no pop-up will appear on the screen, and you do not have to wait for the ads to end to watch the streaming.

How much does The Athletic Subscription Cost?

They have two payment plans you can either pay monthly or yearly. Their monthly subscription costs $9.99/. But if you do not like the monthly plan, go for a yearly subscription plan and pay the whole year’s fee in a single installment.

When you buy the subscription for the whole year, they charge you only $4.00 per month

Moreover, they give a week-long free trial as well, so you can go through all the features of The Athletic and decide whether you want to buy its subscription or not. If you do not like the athletic and want to go for another option, cancel the subscription before the free trial ends; otherwise, they will charge you.

You cannot get a refund from them, so it is better to cancel the subscription before ending the free trial.

How to Cancel the Subscription of The Athletic?

You can cancel the subscription anytime. However, the cancellation procedure is different, and it depends on how you have purchased your subscription. here I have discussed all methods step by step

If you have Purchased Directly from the Website

  1. Open the page
  2. Find out the option of your account
  3. Find the option to cancel the subscription. It is usually under the option of subscription.
  4. Now finish the whole process of the complete cancellation.

If you Purchased Using in-app Purchase on iOS

  1. First of all, open the setting pane of The Athletic app.
  2. Now click on manage account.
  3. Now tap Manage subscription
  4. Now choose the option of athletic subscription
  5. Finally, cancel it.

If you have found this process difficult, you can follow this guideline if you are using it.

  1. Firstly, open the setting pane on your Ios device.
  2. Now choose the option of apple ID on the screen.
  3. Now click on subscription.
  4. Here choose the option of The Athletic subscription
  5. Choose the option or cancel

If you Purchased Using in-app Purchase on Android

  1. Open your google play app.
  2. Open the menu and find the option of subscription.
  3. Click on The Athletic.
  4. Here choose and click on the option of cancel.

How to Cancel The Athletic Subscription via Email?

If these processes seem complicated and do not have enough time to continue them, you can email them. This is their email address Write an email to this address.

Write all necessary information, for example, your name, and ask them to cancel the subscription. You can mention the reason for canceling the subscription. Make sure you have mentioned the necessary information in the email, and management of The Athletic can quickly identify you.

How to Cancel The Athletic Subscription via DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is the easiest way of canceling the subscription of different services. You can cancel almost all subscriptions via DoNotPay. You have to follow these steps

  1. First of all, find the hidden money option.
  2. Please type in the service you want to cancel, as you have to cancel The Athletic subscription; type it.
  3. Now confirm cancellation.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

You can cancel the subscription to The Athletic anytime, and they do not refund. If you cancel at the very start of the month, they will not refund you anything; however, you can use The Athletic and enjoy their all premium service till the end of your subscription month.

Is The Athletic Subscription Worth it?

Yes, it is worth buying for the people who love watching sports and watch all big leagues. However, if you are a big fan of a specific team, ensure that the athletic is covering it, and otherwise, it is a wastage of money for you to buy their subscription.

Does the Athletic have a Student Discount?

Yes, they do offer a discount to the students. So buy their subscription from your official university email. You only have to pay $29.99 per year if you are a student, and is not it amazing?

If you fail to validate your university and school email, you cannot get a student discount. So follow the proper instruction and input the correct email address.

Can I gift a subscription to the Athletic?

Yes, you can gift their sports journalism to someone dear to you and love the sport. They have not set any restrictions or complex rules, and you have to follow just a few steps to gift a subscription.

You can give them a three-month, 1 year, and two-year subscription plan, and there cannot be any gift better than it for a person who is a crazy lover of sports.

Final Words

In a nutshell, there are different ways of canceling the subscription for the athletic. You can even email them to cancel your subscription. Last,y the option for DoNotPay is always available to you.

They do not refund, so please, before buying, thoroughly assess their services in the free trial. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!