Is BloombergQuint Subscription Worth It? All To Know

Whether you are a businessperson or you belong to the financial department of the company you work with, you must be familiar with the name “BloombergQuint.”

So the question arises, the hype that we see over the internet and in the business world about BloombergQuint, is it even real or not? Is a BloombergQuint subscription worth it to pay for it or not? Or why should you pay to subscribe to a channel when there are unlimited options available online that provide pretty legit and informative updates?

Despite having unlimited sources of fruitful business practices and updates online, BloombergQuint has attained millions of subscribers within a few months. It clearly shows that it offers something that we do not get from other sources or media online. This article will discuss who should consider buying a subscription and whether it is for everyone or a specific category?

We can’t compare a big business that generates enough revenue to buy paid programs with not-so-big companies. Not everything is for everyone, of course, and here, we will discuss the benefits and the worth of purchasing this subscription in detail. So, without further ado, let’s explore BloombergQuint.

What is BloombergQuint?

It is an Indian organization that provides financial and business news of current and previous periods. The content available on BloombergQuint mainly covers international finance, Indian economy, business news, governance, and corporate law. The founder of this portal is Mr. Raghav Bahl and his wife, Ritu Kapur.

After its launch, the portal had received more than one million users within six months only. Indeed it was a massive success for any business web portal, and there is news of starting a TV channel. The web portal has already launched a digital live streaming service on the website.

Those who have bought a subscription receive notifications from both local and global markets on telegram and WhatsApp. Companies and individuals who invest in the stock market and deal with shares can benefit from BloombergQuint.

Difference Between Bloomberg and BloombergQuint

Bloomberg is an Indian web portal where we get the current business and financial news about the stock market. On the other hand, BloombergQuint offers updates about global business trends and the latest updates. BloombergQuint is not limited to Indian business and stock updates only, as Quintillion Media provides high-quality digital news and business updates from all across the globe.

1.    Bloomberg

When we talk about Bloomberg media, it is one of the top multi-platform media companies that help with financial and business news updates. Bloomberg Media is a Bloomberg L.P.’s consumer-facing media company. It draws on the editorial resources of over 2,400 editorial specialists in over 120 places across the world.

2.    BloombergQuint

Quintillion Media is a fast-growing digital content company in India. It has pioneered a new digital journalism and storytelling style for the mobile-first, social-native consumer with its flagship product “” in Hindi and “” in English.

What Features a BloombergQuint Subscriber Receives After Purchasing a Subscription?

So here, we have arrived at a question that you must be waiting to know. BloombergQuint is not the portal where we can get access to valuable financial and business updates. Many competitor companies such as Money Control Pro, Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv, S&P Global, etc.

Despite having these kinds of stock market giants available, Bloomberg achieved a considerable number of subscribers within a few months after its launch. Even though many paid programs have been quite beneficial for many companies and individuals and charge less than Bloomberg, a massive number of individuals have shifted to Bloomberg.

What does it prove? Maybe the way they convey the news and updates leave a better impact than others? Or there must be something that has practically boosted the returns of stock experts.

So, without further delay, let’s explore the features that you get after buying a BloombergQuint subscription and whether it is worth it or not?

Features Received Subscription

Here we have the list of features that a subscriber gets to explore after purchasing a plan.

1.    No Availability of Free Content

The first thing that we must share is, there is no availability of free content anywhere over the website. So, you do not get any trial or demo to explore any detailed information. That’s why Bloomberg does not offer any section reserved for premium members because all of their members are premium already due to purchasing plans.

2.    Multiple Payment Options

Once you purchase a plan, you get an option to select from annual, half-yearly, or quarterly subscriptions. If you are a new user or need time to figure out whether the BloombergQuint subscription is worth it, you can always go for a short-term plan initially. Once you feel it can be a game-changer, you can opt for an annual subscription.

3.    BloombergQuint has Web Version Available

Bloombergquint doesn’t have an app available for its users so far, and it is available in web version till now. Back in 2017, Bloomberg purchased the Y TV license from Horizon Satellite Services Private Limited and applied to the Ministry to modify the name of the permit to BloombergQuint. The Ministry has not considered any BloombergQuint applications till May 20, 2021.

4.    Telegram Notification Alert

There are uncountable fields for doing a business, and not each is similar to another. It doesn’t always happen that what works for an agriculturist will work for the one who deals with clothing and apparel. Here, Bloomberg offers an option where you can select your script according to your interest and requirements.

Once you select your desired script, you can enable the telegram notification alert feature. Bloomberg is not available on WhatsApp currently, and you receive all the notification alerts on your telegram app. Once you have selected the program of your interest, you receive related articles on your telegram app.

5.    Access to Stock Related Articles

Once you have subscribed for a plan, you get notifications of the latest stock updates on telegram. The articles that you get to receive are mostly related to long-term investing and cover long-term value returns. Also, the notifications that you get are related to the macro impact of the stock and share market.

6.    Email Notification Alert

Besides telegram notifications, subscribers also get emails in which they receive a bundle of five articles each day. Subscribers receive articles according to the area of interest that they had chosen earlier. Users have an opinion that the essays they receive have always been interesting and informative at the same time.

7.    Premium News Updates

Anyone who is a businessperson, trader, investor, or stock exchange freak would be looking for an option that doesn’t take long to get the latest finance updates. At BloombergQuint, you do not have to wait until the second half of the day to receive updates. The morning starts with all the premium news updates that any finance freak would want to check first thing in the morning.

The news alerts cover the updates related to the macro stock market and the news from international markets. The best part is that you get the to-the-point articles and do not contain fluff for the reader.

8.    Articles Are Available in Email and Podcast

Subscribers receive somewhere around seven to ten articles during different times of the day. Each piece is generally about ten to twenty minutes read, but they also offer a podcast option. If you want to save time or due to any reason you do not wish to read, you can listen to the podcast.

Not being able or willing to read doesn’t mean you miss the updates, as each email has a podcast attached for the subscribers. Listening to the podcast works better when a user wants to save time as the average length of an email is around ten to twenty minutes read, and a podcast is six to eight minutes.

9.    Access to Online Channel

The email and telegram notifications you receive compile all the significant events that happened during the day. That works pretty well for those who want to stay updated with the current updates in minimum time. But, if you’re going to invest more time in browsing other news updates than those you receive in notifications, you can watch BloombergQuint’s online channel.

The on-air channel has not been approved so far, but they have an online channel available that all the subscribers can access. On the channel, they upload videos of people they interview during the day. There, you can watch other videos as per your interest and script.

10. Live Events in Metro Cities

On the online channel, they usually upload interviews of analysts and prominent fund managers that they share in email alerts. Additionally, if you are a subscriber, you can get a chance to attend live events as well that are often conducted in different cities. In live events, BloombergQuint invites big names of the stock world to perform live coverage.

Bloomberg sends an invitation to subscribers also, to attend these events. If you are in the same city where they’ve arranged an event, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to experience meeting with stock gurus in person. It leaves a good impact meeting with pros of their fields and listening to their struggles and journey to make it work and what can be beneficial for investors or not.

11. Investor Education Program

There is a lot of content available on the web portal of BloombergQuint, which they provide as a part of an educational series. This program offers videos that cover content like investor education and other BloombergQuint exclusive articles. Also, other than the articles and videos you receive throughout the day, you get a final wrap-up email containing all the day’s significant updates.

By the end of the day, you get news related to all the big events that happened during the day covered in a single article. Also, if you feel you are more interested in another report popping up, you can switch to that one by simply clicking on that. When talking about going through a web portal, the database is not updated quite often, and most of the time, you come across BloombergQuint’s portfolio.

12. Macro Stock Impact Notifications

As a Bloomberg subscriber, you get telegram alerts and email alerts according to your interest, but most of the updates you receive are related to the macro impact. You may count it as a shortcoming or a Bloomberg-specific feature that they do not offer any stock-specific articles. So if you are looking for long-term value returns by investing in stock, you must keenly observe macro updates that you receive.

Is BloombergQuint Subscription Worth It?

So here we have the final thoughts about whether a BloombergQuint subscription is worth it to purchase a program or not? Before jumping into the final review, let’s discuss both the strong and weak points of the BloombergQuint subscription.

●     Perks For A BloombergQuint Subscriber

As per the details discussed above, BloombergQuint is a pretty good option to get current updates related to the stock market. Those who think that many competitor websites are available that charge way less than BloombergQuint can consider buying this subscription as a business investment.

According to the majority’s opinion, Bloomberg has brought a noticeable change in many stock and finance persons businesses. Also, after the launch, it grabbed millions of users within the first six months, which is a considerable achievement for any newly launched portal. When talking about whether the hype is real or the majority is following the trend only, we would say that business professionals do not prefer to waste a single penny just for the sake of joining a crowd.

In the business and financial world, every tiny detail matters when generating revenue and avoiding loss. No organization can run successfully for such a long period if the followers are not getting benefits. Businesspersons develop a sense with time to figure out what is genuine and where it is worth investing. Bloomberg is a portal with a vast number of subscribers, which is enough to prove its authenticity.

●     Options Not Available on BloombergQuint

Many users believe that some articles on BloombergQuint are pretty much biased towards its founder’s philosophy and represent one school of thought only. Also, some users think that the biased reports represent the bright side of the picture that solely reflects the author’s views. Many users have an issue with that, and they say that they deserve to see the overall holistic picture instead of one side.

Compared to many other similar portals, BloombergQuint charges quite a lot, which bothers a lot of users. BloombergQuint is not the only portal that offers financial, business, and stock updates, and many other competitor portals provide the same and that too at a lesser fee.

Final Thoughts on “Is BloombergQuint Subscription Worth it?”

According to BloombergQuint’s features, we would go with the majority’s opinion that it is indeed worth it to subscribe to BloombergQuint. Even though BloombergQuint charges more fees than many other competitor sites, the number of satisfied users is far more extensive than the unsatisfied ones.

In the business world or any field, there is nothing that is 100 percent black or white. There’s always a bit of a grey area somewhere, and so is the case with BloombergQuint. What matters the most is whether the articles and information a user gets are beneficial or not?

If the subscriber’s article shows a biased opinion of the author or any businessperson, but that opinionated person happens to be a Pro of the stock exchange. And, following his opinion helps to invest in the right places to generate the best revenues that matter the most. So, by the end of the day, the concern is about investing money in the right place to generate the best gains.

So, if you ask if the BloombergQuint subscription is worth it to purchase, we would highly recommend going for it. If investors pay for what multiplies their income, why not consider something where the majority is satisfied?

Our Summary

BloombergQuint is an Indian institution that provides current and historical financial and commercial news. The content focuses on international finance, the Indian economy, business news, governance, and corporate law. Within six months of going live, the portal had surpassed one million users and grew with time.

It is a big success for any corporate web portal, and there are even plans to launch a TV station in the future. Currently, BloombergQuint is available on the website and telegram, and the app version is not available yet. Users get email and telegram notifications daily covering all the latest business updates related to the share and stock market.

So, if you want to know if the BloombergQuint subscription is worth it, or not you can opt for the quarterly plan to observe how it works. So far, there are many happy customers, and the portal has proved to be one of the best sources of getting quality content that works pretty well for businesses.